In anticipation of a (hopefully)

In anticipation of a (hopefully) fortcoming discussion forum, I’ll contribute my thoughts on John Taylor Gotto’s letter referenced in a previous post here. Even though this letter was written ten years ago, it certainly sums up my feelings when I left the teaching profession in 1998 to try my hand at the tech sector. Like […]

For the Scot who just

For the Scot who just can’t stop wearing his kilt, but doesn’t want to damage his expensive formal wear…the Utilikilt. I GOTTA get me one of these. They’re even available in a “beer-gut cut,” so that the kilt will hang evenly if worn under your paunch in front.

The Harry Potter movie trailer

The Harry Potter movie trailer is here. The joy I’ve felt reading and immersing myself into these books takes me back to the summer of my 7th grade year when I read The Lord of the Rings. And from all appearances, the movie version is shaping up to do the book justice.

Happy 69th birthday to the

Happy 69th birthday to the Man in Black. Last Wednesday, Johnny Cash was released from the hospital after a 10 day struggle with pneumonia. He got home in time to see the Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance be awarded to him for Solitary Man. Word is he’s going back into the recording studio. […]