Carlo Giuliani: From Lyncher to

Carlo Giuliani: From Lyncher to Martyr The dailies in the central European city where I’m writing this comment are full of bloody photos and articles decrying the “massacre.” Meanwhile here on K5, someone said he’s turning his homepage black in Giuliani’s honor. What folly! I too was horrified at the imagry from G8 in Genoa. […]

From the register: “Performance is

From the register: “Performance is let down, however, by the system bus speed which is limited to 66MHz. Desktop Macs and the PowerBook G4 have a bus speed of 100MHz, and the performance difference is evident in tests. Although fast, the iBook is slower than a similarly rated iMac, and the PowerBook G4 easily outperforms […]

OK, sports fans. I have

OK, sports fans. I have long been an advocate of thin-client solutions. Furthermore, i think that Apple has a really good opportunity to help themselves out. Think of this: a NIC like thin client, with an LCD and the usual hookups, tied intoa MacOSX server, netbooting, and with NFS mounts over either gigabit ethernet or […]

To follow up on my

To follow up on my last post, i just saw a link on pricewatch that has 256 megs of Mac memory for $32. Sorry, considering going from a 500 Mhz chip to a 600 Mhz chip is about $100, but QUADRUPLING by memory to insane levels is about $32….. it is so foolish for Apple […]

A great article on why

A great article on why MacOSX seems slow. I gotta tell you, not just as a Mac Bigot (which I am) but also a Linux bigot (which I also am), I love MacOSX. It is WAY too cool for words. However, some operations do seem slow… I tend to avoid moving windows as much as […]

GPS = Gotta Pay for

GPS = Gotta Pay for Speeding When Turner signed Acme’s rental agreement last October, he didn’t notice the warning at the top of the contract that read: “Vehicles in excess of posted speed limit will be charged $150 fee per occurrence. All our vehicles are GPS equipped.” So now we live in a world where […]

Bring the Family home on

Bring the Family home on DVD It was announced this week that the complete Godfather trilogy is set for DVD release this fall. The 5-disc set includes all three movies with full audio commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola, and a huge suite of extras. An offer I can’t refuse.

Clean underwear for Disney workers

Clean underwear for Disney workers “Some workers complained about receiving undergarments that were stained or smelly and Mr Steverson said there have been three cases of costumed workers at the Magic Kingdom getting pubic lice or scabies during the past two years.” That’s might big of Disney. Unbelievable. Is this not the 21st Century, or […]