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Did the dead. Grabbed the template, Google Sitemaps using Movable Type, and setup a Sitemap for or at least the blog portion. If this actually takes off and works I might add the gallery.

Who Links To Me

I'm "Mature"


Got a great one from Darren

Apparently, you've got yourself banned on the GE proxy somehow... ;)

Access Denied by SmartFilter: Forbidden, this page (
is categorized as: Mature.

Now I wonder why I am "mature", no denying it but just currious?

MovableType Beta

Things may get a bit wonky. I'm trying the MovableType3 Beta on fozbaca. The only part that should affect what you see, other than the skin changing soon, is how comments work. I'm going to experiment with the whole TypeKey thingie. So comment away!

MovableStyle Fun

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In case you had not noticed I'm having fun with Movable Styles styles. Don't have one of those nice style pickers yet but one can catch the different looks with the Mozilla/Firefox add on that allows for selecting alternative styles. Still not sure which I like best for the default, sticking with Slashdot for the time being :)

MT Comment Spam

I'm giving the new MT-Blacklist , A Movable Type Anti-spam Plugin a try. While I have not been having the problem that arcterex has been having, comment spam has been getting worse.

Though I am looking fowrard to something from SixApart in the next MovableType release, hopefully.

Moving Time

The ufies box is moving to a new co-location around 5pm EST today. Since is on the ufies box all will be down as the box moves and IP changes percolate through DNS servers. Reloaded

In the spirate of muckhead's recent site change I decided to take the plunge. I have been sitting on the basic design, heavly influenced by for sever al weeks. Figured it was time to go with it and fix any problems live. Sound off on any glitches, requestes, bitches and such.

RIAA and Spambot blocking

I'm giving the Blocking the DTS Agent and Blocking the RIAA .htaccess a try. Hollar if anyone experineces any troubles.

Blog Change Bot

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Blog Change Bot subscribe to the badges. I'm kinda currious if anyone uses it.

New Look

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New site look provided by Neil's World's Movable Type Templates.

Down Time will be down on the 15th, with all the sites on the ufies box for some co-location moving, UFies Scheduled Downtime

New Feature

Take the current aggregation but only the peeps and you get fozbaca's peeps aggregated.


Listed on BlogShares


Back in November 11, 1999 engel passed along the Death of a ball turret gunner and yesterday some random reader has filled in the unknown as Randall Jarrel. Thanks.
"Death of a ball turret gunner"
From my mother's sleep I fell into the State,
And I hunched in its belly till my wet fur froze.
Six miles from earth, loosed from the dream of life,
I woke to black flak and the nightmare fighters.
When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose.
Author: Randall Jarrell

Creative Commons License

Decided to through a Creative Commons Liscnse on my part of the content on
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Claiming on BlogShares. Now what is my valuation...
Listed on BlogShares


MT Tweaks

Took a few MT tips from andersja's blog: My Movable Type installation
Howto? set Individual Entry Archive to
<$MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%m/%d"$>/<$MTEntryTitle dirify="1"$>.html
Howto? set Category Archive to
categories/<$MTArchiveCategory dirify="1"$>/index.html


Well there it is, naked

Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

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Given all the recent changes in my life, new job, moving, etc, I felt that it is time for to reflect it with a change of it's own. For starters I'm going to go for some minalism and build up as I feel a need. One could say appling a little XP to design.


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Decided to do the GeoURL thing. The Geographer in me juct couldn't resist.


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Stole an idea Eric Kidd over at RandomHacks uses for his RSS feed. By adding a CSS reference after the inital XML version one gets stylled RSS. The trick has been applies to the 3 syndication types RSS2, RSS 1.0/RDF and XSS for The trick worked on the IE and Phoenix/Mozilla running on my box. Just comment if you have any problems.

Fark Loves Me, Why?

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For some reason Fark seems to love me. Check the Top 10 of 367 Total Referrers and there are over 8,500 from the forums and almost 450 from the voter comments are something. The traffic seems to all be on December 4th. Since I don't follow Fark anyone care to enlighten me on just why some are visiting?

Recommended Reading

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Recommended Reading: and it already lead me to 8Bit Joystick and this great one What If Hollywood Made The Lord of the Rings which is oh so true.

Waypath Relates

Maybe Ephemeral

Just a few links for some work in progress. The links may die after I decide exactly what I want to do with it all. Enjoy:

Year Calendars

With a little help from brad choate's Year Archives in MT and PerlScript Plugin there are now Yearly Calendars of posts. Not really sure if they are useful to anyone but it was just one of those "Damm that is cool" moments so I had to set it up.

Upgraded MovableType Install

Upgraded the MovableType to 2.5 let me know if you experinece any problems. in iCal

Per the info over at Disobey Nonsense Network is now avialable to iCal import/syndication/subscription, which is really vCalendar and should work in Mozilla Calendar. Now engel can you give this a check see and maybe send a screenshot of it works.

fozbaca in ics/vCalendar

MovableType Ugrade

Finally upgraded the MovableType to version 2.21. So let me know if you experience any problems. Oh, and this also means to expece the layout/look to probably change soon and some TrackBack goodness to start to show up.

Upgrades & Google

Finally got around to upgrading the MovableType install from 2.0 to 2.11. The one visable change for all my faithful visitors is use of the Google API in the sidebar. For now I'm experimenting with the Related Sites but will see how it evolves.

Fozbaca's Gallery

Decided it was time to galerise my digital photos. First up is BAIM 1.0, Big Ass Italian Meal, which was up in simpler form, and the pics from my parents visit/vacation. Also finally took some old rols of film to be developed so maybe there will be more, like from my cross country drives.

First WebPage

webpager says: A message was sent to you from Dee containing the text; -- well you said to try it, so I thought I would.... hi!!!!!
That I did. So it works and at least one person gave it a try. Could make for an intresting way to post to blog or something. Will have to think and maybe write some code to give it a try.


An experiment, send me a Jabber message with the bellow form, service provided by JabberBuddy WebPager.
From Subject Jabber Powered

Site Search

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Decided to finally put a search up. Using mt-serach for now. There is still some more work on the templates but let me know what ya'll think.


A little experiment in Blogrolling


I have been running TextAds from for a little while now. Was looking at the report of click throught for the 3 adds and noticed that pr0n is more popular than eal.

Activity for period 3/1/2002 to 3/31/2002

Ad Impressions: Clicks: Conversion Rate:
All Ads 590 15 2.54%
this is fozbaca's blog
187 4 2.14%
hey everybody i've got pr0n, well sometimes
197 8 4.06%
don't forget to eat your desert eal
206 3 1.46%

Why The Outage

Newsflash - 3/23/2002
Wow, this is bad hardware karma!

Which reminds me to give arcterex a big thanks for all the work on getting everythign back up.

Sidebar Goodness

Did up a couple of Mozilla/Netscape Sidebar pages: On the bottom of each page is a link wich will load them in a Mozilla/Netscape Sidebar. Any comments are would be cool, like if enyone other than me finds them useful.

First fiki test

Not Found

The requested URL /fiki was not found on this server.

Apache/1.3.23 Server at Port 80

MovableType Upgrade

Finally upgraded to the 1.4 version of MovableTyps. One of the niftys, outwardly visiably, is the new list look taken from the styles. For now it is Plain Jane but that will probably change. If you think any of the others would be better than sound off in the comments.


RSS News, Meerkat and MT because someone asked and has a RSS feed.

RSS in the SideBar

You can use Mozilla RSS Sidebar Installer to add RSS feeds to your Mozilla SideBar. So things like rss can be added quite easilly.

Mozilla/Netscape SideBar

My Sidebar for Netscape 6 and My Sidebar Developer's Guide, for some some toys I'm working on. Just think headlines and links sidebar.

RSS at now has a RSS feed.

New Interface New Thoughts

Noticing how switching form Blogger to MovableType has changed the internal, brain wise, processes and thoughts that go into posting to It will be intresting to see how it turns out.

a whole new

Well I finally made the switch from Blogger to MovableType. In the good short term it means commenting and some other coolnesses provided by MovableType. So I hope ya'll enjoy the changes and hopefully better look, when I get around to it. Any of you who have posted in the past should have something waiting in your Inbox. Anyone else who wants to post let me know.

[13:15:09] just this afternoon,

[13:15:09] <***@jabber> just this afternoon, I'm making a presentation of Visio capabilities here at work.
[13:15:46] <***@jabber> I'm talking to a group that includes the VP of Engineering (my boss), the CFO, CTO, Director of State Operations, and about 12 other people.
[13:16:18] <***@jabber> I need to open up a web browser to illustrate some functionality of some documents that I have published on the company's intranet site....
[13:16:57] <***@jabber> so when I open up my browser, it starts to load my home page, which is I try to stop it by hitting the stop button, but only succeed in stopping it AFTER it loads the background
[13:17:21] <***@jabber> so your FUCKING UGLY web cam shot gets blasted up on a 5x6 screen in front of the whole group.
[13:17:44] <***@jabber> my comment....."pay no attention to the geek up on the screen"
[13:18:51] <***@jabber> so do you think you can get rid of it now?
[13:18:44] and the comments from the peanut gallery?
[13:19:30] <***@jabber> they all just sat there dumbfounded (and probably a little nausiated) with the exception of the engineers, who laughed
[13:19:53] damm i would have loved to be a fly on the wall

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