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JabberConf News
Doc blogged Jeremie's talk at JabberConf. The big highlights: Apache 2.0 mod_jabber - you can run a jabber server inside

A Right Job?
Given all the "Homeland Security" jobs out there it sure is nice to see systems administrator supporting human rights using

Great 404
i-like-pie the 404

Movie Saturday
Went with the crew to see The Bourne Identity and I liked it, really liked it. Also saw Behind Enemy

Patent Abuses
A couple of good articles, Patently Absurd and The Smother of Invention over at I think the first is

Corporate Wiki
Nice Wiki in the suits article.

AxKit Wiki
AxKit now has a native Wiki. Intrestingly it uses POD (Plain Old Documentation) instead of Structured Text for it's formating

Laundry Days
the friday five How often do you do laundry? Once every 2-3 weeks. What's in a typical wash load? Typically

Eric on Sex
Must read Eric Raymond's Sex Tips For Geeks. [via scripting news] Also of note Eric is blogging over at

Resume Tips
Some good resume tips over at the OReilly's OnJava IT Career Center.

DivX Players for Consoles
Well this came up at the FVLUG "meeting"/Mozilla Party last night so I thought that the obvious google reference should

I'm outa here
Well since things came to an end with Merilus, back twords the end of March, I have been trying to

mod_perl and ISPs
Finding a mod_perl ISP... or Becoming One

Jackie and Accessiability
Great accessiability story, Day 1: Jackie, over on dive into mark

Enneagram types
Just another silly online personality type test. You be the judge if the results are on or not. take free

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