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Smarter Aggregation

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Intelli-Aggie (RSS Aggregator)
The most novel thing about Intelli-Aggie is that the system tries to adapt according to the reader's reading preference, trying to show him/her more interesting and relevant news items first.
Will have to give a try once I get a chance. It is also in Perl so personal hackability rises.

RSS-IM Gateway

RSS-IM Gateway, intresting must expirement.

Yahoo Aggregator

Seems the is now providing blog aggregation. Intresting. Way back in 98' & 99' was one of my more heavily viewed pages then I started blogging and using other sources of news and info. Insert some wheel turnign quote form the Wheel of Time.

[via Blog for thought]

Hell has frozen over

Zeldman has Bowing to demand and providing a RSS Feed. Much thanks, now I will remember to read him via my feed reading. Oh, and for the old schoolers out there the feed is hand roled, no fancy backends just typing.


Found another RSS reader for .NET, SharpReader , but this time it actually aggregates by user defined categories. Not sure if it beats my blagg via email but will give it a try.

Calendar Woes and Solutions

arcterex mentioned his, or the client's, woes with trying to find a Lotus Notes calendar replacement.

I have recently been given a similar task, the desire to share calendars/schedules between the Kentucky office, Australia and the world travelers. At first I put it to the back burner, thinking it would take more development time that allowed but some random link mentioned Mozilla Calendar Standards Based Calendar Client Project.

All by it's lonesome, not a big deal, but checking out iCalShare lead to,
PHP iCalendar is a php-based iCal file parser. Its based on v2.0 of the IETF spec. It displays iCal files in a nice logical, clean manner with day, week, month, and year navigation, printer view, RSS-enabled, and searchable. It supports 12 languages, is fully theme-able, and has complete timezone support.
Which combined with, How can I share my calendars?
To share your calendars, you need access to a webDAV server. If you run your own web server, you can install mod_dav, a free Apache module that will turn your web server into a webDAV server. Instructions on how to set it up are on their website. Once you set up your webDAV server, you can publish your calendar to the site, then subscribe to it from any other Mozilla Calendar. Automatically updating the calendar will give you a poor man's calendar server.
And maybe a very nice solution. I still have to play around with WebDAV on IIS, but this might be a workable combination. Oh, the delicious side effect might be to get everyong off of Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express.

SourceForge RSS

New project RSS feeds available for SourceForge projects. Very cool though I don't find myself adding any project to my feedroll, seems significant but not sure why.


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Stole an idea Eric Kidd over at RandomHacks uses for his RSS feed. By adding a CSS reference after the inital XML version one gets stylled RSS. The trick has been applies to the 3 syndication types RSS2, RSS 1.0/RDF and XSS for The trick worked on the IE and Phoenix/Mozilla running on my box. Just comment if you have any problems.

RSS in your MovableType

mt-rssfeed v1.0, is a MovableType plugin that provides a series of tags for retrieving an RSS feed and inserting it into a MovableType template.
A nice MovableType plugin that I don't have a use for yet.

RSS via NNTP, News Groups

Genecast provides RSS via NNTP, News Groups. Very cool, hope it goes somewhere.

Scraper and Portal builder

Cheesegrater & the Portalizer, Cheesegrater for scraping to RSS then Portalizer to convert it all into a nice page.

RSS via Email

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FetchRss for RSS via Email.

Recommended Reading

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Recommended Reading: and it already lead me to 8Bit Joystick and this great one What If Hollywood Made The Lord of the Rings which is oh so true.

Aggregation in Java

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Flock is an RSS aggregator written in Java. It is a server-side web application accessible with a browser, similar in spirit to AmphetaDesk .
Looks to do alot of what I'm looking for in an aggregator. But there are a few problems, Tomcat(Servelet Engine), JRE and the need publicly avialable sever that has previously mentioned to run it all on. The elguapo of the Java web app situation is there are many intresting Wiki, Blog, Gallery, Aggregator, etc., projects but the whole Java/Tomcat is a real PITA on a shared server.

Maybe when I get broadband and can go back to an always on connection it will be more fesiable. Well that is unless arcterex decides to but Tomcat on


NewsMonster is a newsreader and manager for RSS content, news, and the semantic web.
It has an immpressive feature list, though doesn't claim to support RSS 2.0. It could be the basis for my RSS Reader nirvana with it's Repitle server component side.
[via Russell Beattie Notebook]

Update: NewsMonster *does* support RSS 2.0
One of the features I point out is that it supports *all* versions of RSS.

This is due to the miracles of XSLT ;)

- --
Kevin A. Burton (,, )
Coolness. Now if I could just get it to work on my box.

iBlog, Yumm!!!

Dammit, wish I had a Mac just to play with iBlog. It appears to really do nothing new, except the .Mac tie in, but damm the screenshots make all the to be expeced in a blog desktop client so sexy looking.

mod_wiki for RDF Site Summary

RDF Site Summary 1.0 Modules: Wiki
For those who like to track the recently changed pages of various wiki sources, additional fields are needed. This module adds those fields that are needed. These fields are based on what is commonly shown on RecentChanges pages of many wiki sites.
Should be intresting for any Wiki projects that currently don't have any RSS support.

Maybe Ephemeral

Just a few links for some work in progress. The links may die after I decide exactly what I want to do with it all. Enjoy:

RSS to Sidebar

DJ rocks, Sidebars, Mozilla, RSS: old and new, damm that is just way too cool.

RSS to Sidebar

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Corvar's Mozilla Sidebar Page for converting RSS feeds to a Mozilla Sidebar.

Mozilla Sidebar Linkage

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Movable Type RSS
Movable Type automatically creates an RSS feed for you each time you add a new item to a blog. This document explains how to change the RSS template to change the language, include an image, include your contact information, and identify the feed creator. Once you have made these changes, you will need to rebuild the indexes so your RSS feed will be published with the new template.
Probably some usefull tidbits for the non MT users out there.


RSS News, Meerkat and MT because someone asked and has a RSS feed.

RSS in the SideBar

You can use Mozilla RSS Sidebar Installer to add RSS feeds to your Mozilla SideBar. So things like rss can be added quite easilly.

Mozilla/Netscape SideBar

My Sidebar for Netscape 6 and My Sidebar Developer's Guide, for some some toys I'm working on. Just think headlines and links sidebar.


Much coolness, the RSS feed is being syndicated over at My.UserLand.Com.

RSS at now has a RSS feed.

genehack "It would be really

genehack "It would be really nice if Advogato had some way of tracking certain diary pages, so you'd know when people updated."

yakk was running something called DiaryWatcher, although it appears to be down, that would allow one to add advogato diaries you wished to see and only those diaries. I thought there were plans to add RSS watching as well.

Another posiability Randal Schwartz has a Perl script that pulled in RSS files and emailes any updates. The script could probably be easily modified to pull the xml versions of the advogato content, Ewan Birney's diary is, and send out updates.

RDF - why we should

Meerkat: An Open Service API

Meerkat: An Open Service API
"You want to know where the future is? No, not plastics. The future, my friends, is Web APIs."

Considering syndication of XML/RSS

Meerkat: An Open Wire Service

RSS Viewer Applet: Window to

RSS Viewer Applet: Window to the World of News

ONElist : Computers : Web

ONElist : Computers : Web Sites : syndication RSS list coered.

Weblog Monitor's XML-based Backend

eOpinions list of RSS channels.

eOpinions list of RSS channels.

Perl News 16 November 1999

Perl News 16 November 1999 is out. Check out the Learn More About RSS section, lots of good stuff.

xmlTree - The leading directory

xmlTree - The leading directory of XML content on the Web

TakePart - a directory of

TakePart - a directory of RSS news channels for your portal and XML syndication

Discuss.UserLand.Com: Re: RSS Issues: Comments

RSS Issues: Comments requested an

RSS Issues: Comments requested an intresting discussion at Discuss.UserLand.Com on directions to take the RSS stardard.

Using RSS News Feeds -

Using RSS News Feeds - Mother of Perl

XML::RSS 0.7 Released This Perl module provides a basic framework for creating and maintaining Rich Site Summary (RSS) files. RSS is primarily used for distributing news headlines, commonly called channels, and is used primarily on Netscape Netcenter.

Mother of Perl has some

Using RSS News Feeds -

Using RSS News Feeds - Mother of Perl

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