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Generated a FOAF with the help of FOAF-a-matic, using the "Protect email addresses from spammers" option. The list if pretty much the Peeps on the sidebar for now. Anyone listed wanna follow suit? In case you are saying what the fsck is FOAF there is Finding friends with XML and RDF on developerWorks.


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Stole an idea Eric Kidd over at RandomHacks uses for his RSS feed. By adding a CSS reference after the inital XML version one gets stylled RSS. The trick has been applies to the 3 syndication types RSS2, RSS 1.0/RDF and XSS for The trick worked on the IE and Phoenix/Mozilla running on my box. Just comment if you have any problems.

RSS via NNTP, News Groups

Genecast provides RSS via NNTP, News Groups. Very cool, hope it goes somewhere.


NewsMonster is a newsreader and manager for RSS content, news, and the semantic web.
It has an immpressive feature list, though doesn't claim to support RSS 2.0. It could be the basis for my RSS Reader nirvana with it's Repitle server component side.
[via Russell Beattie Notebook]

Update: NewsMonster *does* support RSS 2.0
One of the features I point out is that it supports *all* versions of RSS.

This is due to the miracles of XSLT ;)

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Kevin A. Burton (,, )
Coolness. Now if I could just get it to work on my box.

Maybe Ephemeral

Just a few links for some work in progress. The links may die after I decide exactly what I want to do with it all. Enjoy:

Friend of a Friend

FOAF-a-matic -- Describe yourself in RDF, I did it for but not really sure what it wil become.

RDF - why we should

An overwiev about recent developments

RDF Tutorial added to Zvon

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