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Perl 6 OO Cookbook

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Perl6 Object Oriented Cookbook (v0.2.1) for the way things will probably be.

Parrot 5

It was the dawning of the second age of parrotkind, ten weeks after the great GC war. The Parrot Project was a dream given form. Its goal: To prevent language wars by creating an interpreter where perl and other languages could reside peacefully... It can be a dangerous place, but it's our last best hope for peace. This is the story of the latest of the Parrot releases. The year is 2002. The name of the tarfile is Parrot 0.0.5.
For all of the Babylon 5 and Perl crowd out there.

Apocalypse 3, the third what's

Apocalypse 3, the third what's new about Perl6, is out.

Parrot 0.0.1 is Released, which

Parrot 0.0.1 is Released, which is the new Vitrual Machine for Perl 6, and posiable other scripting ish languages such as Python.

Apocalypse 1 from Larry Larry's

Apocalypse 1 from Larry
Larry's approaching perl6 through the Programming Perl book (the Camel). He's going chapter by chapter through the Camel, writing documents about the perl6 equivalent concepts. These missives are known as "Apocalypses", for reasons best known to Larry. :-)

He's churning through the RFCs, looking through them to deeper issues. He hopes to emit Apocalypses more-or-less weekly, although some chapters have fewer RFCs and issues than others.
What a birthday gift, thanks Larry.

Re: Transcription of Larry's talk

Re: Transcription of Larry's talk
We started having one, and an interesting thing happened. We spent the first hour gabbing about all sorts of political and organizational issues of a fairly boring and mundane nature. Partway through, Jon Orwant comes in, and stands there for a few minutes listening, and then he very calmly walks over to the coffee service table in the corner, and there were about 20 of us in the room, and he picks up a coffee mug and throws it against the other wall and he keeps throwing coffee mugs against the other wall, and he says "we are fucked unless we can come up with something that will excite the community, because everyone's getting bored and going off and doing other things".
The cups that started Perl6. One way to get a group's attention.

What's up with Perl6?

Guide to the Perl 6

Perl 6 Requirements Document an

Perl 6 Requirements Document an attempt to cover what needs changing in core Perl.

Report on the Perl 6

Report on the Perl 6 Announcement
Last Monday, nobody knew that anything unusual was about to happen. On Tuesday, the Perl 6 project started. On Wednesday, Larry announced it at his "State of the Onion" address at the Perl conference.

Yes, it all really did happen that fast.

...according to Larry, "Jon Orwant ... pointed out that it was going to be useless to invent a new constitution if everyone was just going to say, 'Ho, hum.'" Jon suggested that Perl try to go in a new direction, and do something new and big; he used Napster as an example of a new, big idea.
The influence of Napster has influnced the Perl community as well as the music industry.

There will be a Perl

There will be a Perl 6.

Scripting language Perl 6 to

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