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Martin Luther King Jr. and how it was.

Most days it is hard to imagine a US where it could occur and did sometimes daily.



via: The Last Days of Martin Luther King Photo Essay

Military Reading List

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Slashdot came through with a good one, US Military Commander's Suggested Reading List. First the a Army Reading List then the comments fill in the Marines and Air Force versions.

Recently I have been trying to get a better background in strategy, be it military, political or buisness. So books like The Art of War, The Prince, Hagakure and the like. Feel free to recommend any missing must reads.

Free Culture in MP3

Absolutely fuck'n brilliant. Some are reading Free Culture into MP3. Now to see it happen for the Creative Commons Liscensed books and Project�Gutenberg��.

Updae: do download the MP3s.

Kill Bill Yello Jump Suit

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After catching Kill Bill with engel he was wondering why The Bride was wearing the yellow jumpsuit. Seems to be a reference to Bruce Lee Game Of Death Jumpsuit. Oh, and you can order one for yourself.

Collaborative Travel Guide

Wikitravel, cool.

Insiders Release Movies

77% of these samples appear to have been leaked by industry insiders.
Found in Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in the Movie Production and Distribution Process

Cringely on Outsourcing

Cringely has a good one on outsourcing IT to India and why Linux is chosen over OS X. Just a wondering thought for the decision makers, if you already have a hard time communicating with the current US IT workers how is moving to workers some 8-12 hours in timezone and to a whole different culture going to improve the communication problems?

Hunters have ADD

Could an ADD Hunter Have Survived?, A chapter from the second edition of Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception by Thom Hartmann

ADDers are damaged by growing up in our society, but not in hunting cultures

... individuals living among the historically agricultural Native Americans, such as the Hopi and other Pueblo Indians, are relatively sedate and risk-averse. On the other hand, Fikes said, members of the hunting tribes such as the Navajo are "constantly scanning their environment and are more immediately sensitive to nuances. They're also the ultimate risk takers. They and the Apaches were great raiders and warriors."


But we today are not a society of hunters, raiders, and warriors. We are farmers, office- and factory-workers. Therefore, we punish and discourage hunter and warrior behavior in our children and adults.

I find the idea that ADD traits are desirable to a hunter culture intresting. Now if one also takes the higher than usual ADD'r in geek culture maybe some intresting understandings arise.

What a musical find

I was incrediable lucky this weekend, not in that way :), with the find of a Nina Simone CD from the public libarary. The first time I ever heard of Nina was in Point of No Return but never pursed here music directly. What amazes me is just how much of here songs are out there without realising it. By far my favorite has been Sinnerman, which you may recognize from it's appearance in Thomas Crown Affair , when he "returns" the painting in the end.

Edison's Lesson for the RIAA

Thomas Edison, Intellectual Property and the Recording Industry or what history can teach us about the current situation between MPAA and RIAA vs. people and the independants. Hint, Edison's monoply and strong arm tactics brought the intervention of the government after the indepents make the monoply absolete.

Update: Part 3 is up.

Wedding Ring History

I'm With the Band by Nita Rao covers a bit of wedding ring history. Kinda intresting stuff, though a bit short.

Almost Perfect, the Book

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The book, Almost Perfect, was originally published by Prima Publishing in 1994. It is the story of the rise and fall of WordPerfect Corporation from my point of view.
It is already providing facinating reading. Hearing about the recession of the early 80's and comparing it to the current one is rather theraputic.
Although I did not know it at the time, that $5 an hour part-time job would turn into a great opportunity. Somehow I had arrived at exactly the right place at exactly the right time. ... Like some rare astrological phenomenon when all the planets are perfectly aligned, all the necessary events came together at just the right time, and a new and soon to be successful company was born.
It amazes me how much computers have changed in 20 years and how little the whole buisness aspect of computers and software has changed in 20 years.

Serendipity of the Blog

Manufactured Serendipity
Serendipity is all about making fortunate discoveries by accident. You can't automate accidental discoveries, but you can manufacture the conditions in which such events are more likely to occur.
First thought, how my blog has recently connected me to a deceased friend's relative. How the previous sentence was the second most emotionaly difficult thing I have wrote on this site, the first being the above mentioned post.

Honestly I really have no idea why I do this. Many of the reasons mentioned in Manufactured Serendipity could apply.

Wikis need a Blog

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Bliki, Wiki, Chiki, Reeky? A good point about how a Weblog like interface to a Wiki does a good job of inviting, though the bigger point is the culrural issue. Wikis, especially the big successful ones, are really about the community where Weblogs are usually about an individual. Regardless a Blog interface couldn't hurt.

Now this tthinking raises a thought, what if Slashdot was more Wiki like with it's comments?

Update: There already is a Wiki Slash Plugin, SlashWiki, Slash's Wiki Plugin the article. It would probably end up as a "First Post" with lots of intresting stuff in the changes.

Wedding Etiquette

Don�t Be Rude: Part IV, Weddings lots of good tips in there for those with empending nuptuals and their attendies.

It is about the Culture stupid

Just a general note so I remember. It is about the CULTURE stupid. There is much more to say but maybe for a later time.

It's the Culture

Why Arabs Lose Wars as told by a retired U.S. Army colonel involved with Arabic Military. Kinda answers why the Israelies have consistently been able to handles themselves so well against greater numbers in battle. Now for extra credet, for those that read the article, what does this have to say for the non military interactions between Western Culture and the Arabic Culture?

Islimac Culture vs. Western Culture

Rant comparing Islam and Western Culture.

Kevin Smith on GLADE, Gay

Kevin Smith on GLADE, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, not being happy with 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' - Some bad, bad news concerning me and GLAAD Needless to say, I was crestfallen.
You all know me. You all know how big a fan I am of the gay community. You all know the respect and fascination I have for gay culture and practices. I've said in many an interview, from 'Chasing Amy' onward, that the only reason I never dabbled in homosexuality when I was younger was because I wouldn't know what to say to a guy after he blew a load in my mouth - a sentiment that says more about my social awkwardness than any socially awkward stereotypes that've been unfairly hung on the gay community.

Gay or straight has never been a big issue with me. Sex is sex, as far as I'm concerned. Some cats dig on the opposite gender, and some cats dig on their own. Sexual identity will always be as mystifying as why 'The Dukes of Hazzard' was once the number one television show in our country: there's no point in getting bent out of shape about it; it just IS. Some cats will always gravitate toward Daisy Duke, and some will always pine over Boss Hogg.

Anyway, I told Scott all of this during the course of our conversation, and asked what we could do to allay his (and GLAAD's) fears. He said he'd be asking Miramax to make a substantial donation to the Matthew Shepherd Foundation (Matthew Shepherd is the Wyoming student who was beaten to death for being gay in one of the worst hate crimes in recent memory; the Foundation's aim is to educate the public on the dangers of homophobia). I said I'd be happy to make a donation as well, as it's a great cause, and one I believe in strongly. He asked how much I'd like to donate. I queried how much he intended to seek from Miramax. He said two hundred grand. I admitted I don't have pockets as deep as Miramax. He suggested I donate ten grand, and I said "Done."
After having seen the movie on Satruday gotta say it was great. Lots of laughs and all. Like engel said after leaving the theatre, "I can't believe he got away with it". I'm not surprised that GLAAD is displeased with the movie but it is a shame that they do have to be displeased.

Are the techno boomers a

Are the techno boomers a Selfish Society
Democracy and freedom aren't about prosperity. You can be poor and quite free. Democracy is about the legitimacy of the individual, whose voice and vote should count for more than any other single interest or group. Technology can either be the vehicle through which those voices are re-democratized, or it can provide the tools through which corporatism can generate even more money.
We, the technos, are no more or less selfish than the previous generation or other subcultures. We want what is best for us like the religous right or the retired. Like any society we think our would view is better than the rest, why else would be a part of the society?

At The Crossroads by JohnKatz

At The Crossroads by JohnKatz
"As a society, we can try to make cyberspace conform to the rules of physical space. Or we can recognize the extraordinary potential of this new culture, and invest cyberspace with laws and values and properties that are fundamentally different."
Embrace change or live in the past. I choose chage.

Understanding Anime A nice Anime

Understanding Anime
A nice Anime site. One of my college carear highlights was the Anime presentation to my Japanese Culture class. Succeded in converting the professor to a Anime lover, in the academic sense.

Geographic Screening the restriction of

Geographic Screening the restriction of Net access by geography -- is the latest nightmare stemming from the culture wars launched by the music and movie industries against a free Internet. This time the firewalls aren't coming from the People's Republic of China, but out of Canada.

My favorite slashdot comment, "Blame Canada! With their beady eyes, and floppy heads..."

Uncultured Perl Perl's creator shares

Uncultured Perl
Perl's creator shares his thoughts on a subversive lifecycle. by Larry Wall
As always Larry's words are interesting, insightful, and a good laugh.

Boy Culture Meets Workplace Hmmm,

Boy Culture Meets Workplace
Hmmm, now I'm a big fan of "desk toys" just to show some personality. The wired thing where I work is the females organize, and push, the game stuff, female is the coach for the softball team and another female aranges all the basketball contests as fund raisers. Maybe it is an organizing thing but the women seem into the sporting events, more so than I.

Contextualizing the Internet, 1995: Essays

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