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Did the dead. Grabbed the template, Google Sitemaps using Movable Type, and setup a Sitemap for or at least the blog portion. If this actually takes off and works I might add the gallery.

Labels vs. Folders

Couldn't agree more, Rafe on Labels versus folders, labels win. I have fallen in love with labels and started experimenting with them in Thunderbird, dumbing everything into one folder with lots of labeling. Now if I could just do the same with my home direcory or My Documents. And if MovableType made it easier to label/categorize. Well Thunderbird needs more than 5 label options.

Evolution of Websites

There is some truth in the 5 stages in The evolution of large websites. Think the work site(s) is somewhere in the 4 - 5 stage. For the most part the "problems" seem to be very similar to out publishing "problems".

iBlog, Yumm!!!

Dammit, wish I had a Mac just to play with iBlog. It appears to really do nothing new, except the .Mac tie in, but damm the screenshots make all the to be expeced in a blog desktop client so sexy looking.

ewok CMS

ewok is a web content management system (CMS), written in Perl (Embperl)...
Would have been real handy back in the dayn at Merilus.

XSLT Everywhere

XSLT-Based Websites
XSLT leveraged during design-time and run-time can result in faster time to market, easier maintenance, and support for multiple HTML flavors

Xopus Editor, Teplace the Text Area

Xopus is our wysiwyg browser based XML editor.

Xopus is easy to use and to implement.
For input it requires data (XML), style (XSLT) and rules (Schema).
Xopus performs some magic on this and turns it into an editor.

So inline WYSIWYG editing, coolness. There is a demo, but it requires IE5.5 or up for now. And it is soposed to be going OpenSource.
[via be blogging]

Salon Speaks On CMS

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Industrial Strength Publishing, the why of their choices in the CMS game.

CMS vs. Designers

CMS & the Single Web Designer on A List Apart
To be fair my curent profession, the programer behind the website, also has some of the came concerns for what CMSs will do to their job. But one thing to remember all of us in the computer field are parasites that will be dropped as soon as society can. Computers are there as a tool, very cool tool, and computer support jobs, like developers/programers, are going to eventually be replaced by a very small shell script or something like that.

CMS Stuff

Midgard Review

Midgard, the PHP Apache MySql CMS, is reviewed over on CMS Watch.


With Chronicler it's simple to create, update and maintain your own archive of web pages such as a personal diary or journal, or even a daily magazine.
Looks to be a nice simple CGI storing XML in the filesystem.

Notes towards a CMS

CMS RFC (Content Management System

CMS RFC (Content Management System Request for Comment) intresting, very intresting. I hope it goes somewhere.

Current content management systems suck

Current content management systems suck
There's a school of thought which says most firms are better off building their own CMSs, and that in buying an off-the-shelf CMS solution you sacrifice too much business flexibility. Forrester rejects this argument. At the same time, it gives organisations a seven-digit reason to remain nervous about Web content management.

Microsoft has a Content Management

Microsoft has a Content Management whitepaper.
[via Philip Suh's Content Management Systems] has opensourced their content has opensourced their content management system at

A simple CMS lets you

A simple CMS lets you edit the contents of a page from a templated mechanism using SSI.

The Ugle Secret Behind Top

The Ugle Secret Behind Top Media Sites, some of the big media sites are defecting from Story Server, the content management system created for CNet and spun off through Vingette, for home grown solutions.

Word On the Web a

Word On the Web a list of content management systems. So why isn't Zope listed? Seems to only have expensive closed source solutions.

Macromedia is making a Content

Macromedia is making a Content Management System
Building on Leadership in Web Authoring, Macromedia Broadens Scope to Provide Content Management, Analysis and Personalization Solutions

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