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  • Perl is a dynamic, dynamically-typed, high-level, scripting (interpreted) language most comparable with PHP and Python. Perl's syntax owes a lot to ancient shell scripting tools, and it is famed for its overuse of confusing symbols, the majority of which are impossible to Google for. Perl's shell scripting heritage makes it great for writing glue code: scripts which link together other scripts and programs. Perl is ideally suited for processing text data and producing more text data. Perl is widespread, popular, highly portable and well-supported. Perl was designed with the philosophy "There's More Than One Way To Do It" (TMTOWTDI) (contrast with Python, where "there should be one - and preferably only one - obvious way to do it"). Perl has horrors, but also some great redeeming features. In this respect it is like every other programming language ever created.
  • Today we want to share a fancy content rotator with you. It shows some image with a headline and sub-headline in each slide and allows navigating through the slides using the thumbnails that also contain a headline. Hiding the thumbnails will reveal a scrollable text container and the navigation arrows will move up so that one can navigate to the previous or next slides.
  • Chocolat is a new text editor for Mac OS X, that combines native Cocoa with powerful text editing tools.
  • So the next time you choose a leader: 1. Evaluate their input.  2. Give newcomers time to fit in. 3. Try picking them randomly.

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