Yesterday was all about getting local and spicy frog.

We finished the afternoon deliveries around 2pm and headed to Thai Wai one of the cities usually used to switch train lines. Once there we just wandered around a bit in normal Hong Kong suburb. I was still lots of high rises but not as high or as western as where we are staying. The 4 of us were the only westerners and were kinda getting gawked at by locals. At one point we wandered through a fresh market, mostly vegtables, fruit and fresh meats. At one point on a shelf was cat that wasn't moving. The propietor then started pushing the cat's leg, eventually the cat started moving it was just sleeping but they wanted us to know it was alive and not part of the meat department. It was pretty funny because all the shop keepers were watching us and the interaction, everyone started laughing once the cat moved.

We ended up going through an indoor mall and found a sweets shop. I picked up some gummy penguins I'm hoping to bring home. Also had lunch at a Japanese resturant with a manager that spoke excelent english and was a gracious host giving some good suggestions. Ended eating some tempora and seafood noodle soup which were good. Also had my first Sing Tao in Aisa. Sing Tao is an Asian, maybe Hong Kong, beer I have had at some US Asian resturants.

You will have to look at the photos of Thai Wai it was an intresting place.


For supper we headed down the block from the hotel and had Chinese at a very locals kida place. At first we were going to order from the photo menu but they had someone that spoke pretty good english and brought over a couple english menus. I let the others look over the menus first but while they were looking Elizabeth said "Spicy Frogs". When I looked over the menus the Spicy Frogs was the most intresting looking item. When I ordered Curli, Elizabeth, Sarah and the waitress seemed to think I was crazy. It ended up bring this rather large bowl of frog, noodles, sprouts, very hot peppers and in a very spicy broth. It was excelent. They all said that it smelled good but the frogs turned them off. The frog was a whole frog skinned and gutted then diced length wise bone and all. It was kinda hard to get the meat off the bones but very tasty. One of the best dishes I have had so far. The Australians all joked that we should take the American grooms out to eat for Spicy Frog.

After the frog we had some, well lots of some, drinks at the hotel bar and ended running into an alternate for the British wheelchair ping pong team. She had also been to Athens and loved riding up to the Parthanon in the crain bucket.

All for now hopefully I'll get some of the Thai Wai and Spicy Frog photos uploades.

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