The Rain has arrived

The rain has arrived. Yesterday morning I was commenting that everyone warned me about Hong Kong rain and Typhones but in 5 days it had not rained which must have called the rain clouds. Starting around 11:30 AM it started pouring for 30-60 minutes then lightly drizzled for the rest of the afternoon.

This time around we have a delivery truck driver Sam and Paco who runs the pallet jack. Both are great to have around they have good joking humors and love to take us around to show us the seights when needing off venu runs. We usually do the deliveries in a group with a couple of KER folks walking out, Sam and Paco take the truck around to the back of the barn. Paco loves doing the heavy lifting when we make deliveries so much so that when we had an over sized pallet stacked 8 feet high he dropped the pallet to block the stable door with himself inside and the rest of us outside unable to unload. Paco then unloaded the whole pallet by himself.

Eventually the rain dropped off and Curli, Elizabeth, Sarah and I went into Kawloon to meet Brooke and her mom for dinner at a pub on the harbor and some night viewing of the Hong Kong skyline. Brooke and her mom took a bus tour to see the Big Budha, which sounds like a great trip.

Today Elizabeth flys back to Australia, it will be Curli, Sarah and myself until Mark from Australia returns sometime next week.

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