Just another day in Shatin

Last night was the Paralympics opening ceremonies. This time around we did not make the cut to attend which was probably good. The teams in Hong Kong all had to get dressed up in formalish atire and watch the opening ceremonies from the Hong Kong Jockey club. What we heard it was very boring.

Mark from the Australian office arrived on site yesterday. He was originally due early the previous day but his 8 hour flight from Melbourne was delayed 8 hours. Since we were not invited to the party we ended up acquiring a couch for the office while everyone else was getting all formaled up.

The morning funny occurred while waiting at the breakfast bar egg cook station. Behind me is some guy from the Indiana side of Louisvile here on business not related to the Olympics or Paralympics. Then behind him is a Canadian, his wife is a rider, who is from Langley. About 20 miles from Abbotsford twords Vancover.

No big plans now that competition is starting.


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