Slow day Shatin

Yesterday was kinda uneventful. We were done with deliveries by 3pm. I hanged around the office to finish uploading photos and just in case someone really needed something but no one stopped by. The afternoons are declared "Quiet Time" for the horses. We can make deliveries but the grooms and riders are not allowed in the stables to give the horses time to rest.

I was going to meet Sarah and Brooke for dinner for Brooke's last night working but there was a mixup with the front desk. They were going to a Thai place and said to just ask at the front desk, the place was just across the street, but the guy at the desk sent me to the indoor mall a couple blocks across the river which also had a Thai resturant. It wasn't all a loss I was able to wander around the electronic stores which was fun.

Not sure about today's after work plans. We might ride the train to the one of the majorish line change stops and see what is there.

And ended up picking up some snacks for the hotel room from a corner grocery. Picked up some Platters cheese curls and noticed that they were not as cheesy as the American ones.

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