I'm in Incheon International Airport

2008-08-28 009 Stitch

I made it to Seoul, well Ican(sp), Korea. Lucked out on my flight from Atlanta to Seoul, had an isle seat and the one next to me was empty. Korea Air had a LCD TV for each seat that let you pick which movie to watch. Think I watched 5 ish movies :) Even with the empty seat I could not sleep on the flight. I have about 2 hours before getting on the flight to Hong Kong. Should be there 10 AM your time. Oh, and I had Bibimbop on the flight. The Korean flight attendent was at first surprised that I wanted it. Then did the watching for my confusion on how to eat. No problems but I like it in heated stone bowls better.

2008-08-28 002

Oh and I'm on a free wifi at the airport.

2008-08-28 001


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