After the first work day

Made it through the first day of working. Currently KER feed and bedding crew is Curli, who was in Athens but doesn't work for KER is here and will be for my duration. His significant other Elizabeth who is here til Wednesdayish. Melissa who is from Kentucky and leaving tomorrow. Brooke from the Australian office and leaving Monday I think. Sarah from the Australian office and here till the end. Mark from the Australian office will be here sometime next week I think and staying til the end. We also have 2 locals, Sam in his 50's I think and Paco a teenager or 20 year old. They actually do most of the manual delivery and driving, both are pros and pretty good at it.

The heat and humidity is pretty intense. My backpack thermoter said it was 100 F in the afternoon and the humitidy was kinda like walking through a wall. While the temperature is about what Athens and Australia were it feels 10x worse out side.

Yesterday had lunch in the Olympic/Paralympic cafertia affectionately refered as "The Cave". Between it being under some building and the feel of AC it is pretty cave like. The food was ok, had something of the Chinese menu, nothing worth mentioning other than it being cheap, $5 ish US with a pretty good chocolate cake. Breakfast is at the hotel and kinda buffet with western and asian stuff.

By evening I was feeling tired so I had roomservice, udon and mixed seafood in soya and some thai appitizers. Watched a movie, hooked my iPod up to the widscreen LCD TV and was asleep by 9:30. Worke up 5:30 feeling pretty good.

This afternoon after doing all our deliveries we may head up one of the mountians and head out to eat for Melissa's last night.

Did some wandering around the outside the hotel. Didn't take photos. I guess like most big cities it seemed like some of the locals could get whatever they wanted with in a couple blocks. Kinda cool.

If i get a chance I'll upload some more photos on flickr.

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