Drew & Michelle's Wedding

I spent the last half of last week up on Cincinnati. FountianSquare.jpg Got to wander around downtown and meet my sister for lunch. MichelleWorking.jpg Check in with Daisy my god daughter. Daisy.jpg See my Aunt Anne from Charlotte, who is respiratory therapist but we like calling her doctor. DrAnne.jpg Even had the "joy" of seeing a fur covered crotch rocket. FurryBike.jpg But the real reason for the visiting was a wedding. CakeTopper.jpg Not just any wedding but my little sister Michell and Drew were getting married. DrewNMichelle.jpg All went well. The only hickup was the groom getting strep throat and requiring lots of antibiotics.

Your's truely, big brother fozbaca couldn't be happier for the two of them. Currently the Bride and Groom are floating on a boat somewhere in the Carabian hopefully not sick and having a great time.

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