I'm "Mature"


Got a great one from Darren

Apparently, you've got yourself banned on the GE proxy somehow... ;)

Access Denied by SmartFilter: Forbidden, this page (http://fozbaca.org/)
is categorized as: Mature.

Now I wonder why I am "mature", no denying it but just currious?


You're a nasty, naughty, dirty dirty boy.

Yeah, I've noticed that your blog has been content filtered for a long time. The company I work for provides CIPA compliant filtering for public schools on a large scale using N2H2 filter categories. According to them:

The Site: http://fozbaca.org/
is categorized by N2H2 as:

I'm behind a DansGuardian content filtering server. Currently it's not blocking your site, although it has in the past, depending on what you've posted.

Dansguardian has 40 megs of blacklist files... lots of stuff is blocked by default, including cnn, ebay, etc.

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