Offshoring Truths

"Off-shoring" Manifesto/Rant: Sixteen Hard Truths

9. Big companies do not create jobs, and historically have not. (Big companies are not "built to last;" they almost inexorably are "built to decline.")

10. Job creation is entrepreneurially led, especially by a small number of "start-ups" that become growth companies (Microsoft, Amgen et al.); hence entrepreneurial incentives including low capital gains taxes, high R&D supports are a top priority.

11. Primary and secondary education must be reformed, in particular to underscore creativity and innovation -- the mainstays of high-value added products and services. Children should be nurtured on risk-taking, with a low expectation of corporate cosseting.

12. Research universities must be vigorously supported.

15. Worker benefits (health care, re-training credits, pensions) should be portable, to induce rather than impede labor mobility.

So where were the re-training programs, entrepreneurial, and research supportive efforts in the tax cuts in the past years? Seems that education is one of the more severly cut areas of federal and state budget cuts in the past 2-3 years.

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