30 Seconds Finalists

MoveOn has the finalists of the Bush in 30 Seconds up. Lots of good choices. I'm partal to In My Country" (low -bandwidth).

I find it striking comparing the anti-Bush vs. the anti-Clinton issus when they both were incumbits.

Cliton :
  • phone sex with an intern
  • wife involved in a $25,000 relastate scandal
  • wife polotically involved
  • invaded a two countrys
  • pissed off almost every country in the world
  • accused of trying to subvert the bill of rights
Just a little prespective.


Check out this carton gallery on Chretien http://www.mackaycartoons.com/chretien.html

There some other pretty funny ones on USA/IRAQ/World/etc in the Gallery link

From what I understand (most of it from books by Michael Moore I admit), clinton did just as much to fuck up the environment, removed the 40mpg requirement for SUVs, etc, as bush did, but at least he was nice when he did it, whereas you know bush doesn't care that he's screwing you over. If you read through Stupid White Men there's a chapter at the end all about how Clinton screwed over the US.

In Dude... he asks some pretty good questions and pointed out some good things, like the expendature of energy relating to the clinton investigation, and what would the republicans have done if clinton lied about wmd and pissed off pretty much every other country in the world.

Basically, all polititions are lying and currupt, and are willing to screw over their own mother for a dollar (or a corporate contract :)

Please learn how to spell scandal, when you explain your dialog. Thank You very Much.

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