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Ten Things I Dig About Xcode highlighting coolness in XCode. Really wonder how it compares to VisualStudio .NET, having never used that paticular IDE.

Oh, and the use of Rendezvous being used for more than just chatting and music sharing for the distributed build. There is a killer app in Rendezvous waiting to be found.

Re: acterex's comment
The application that actually makes a sustaining market for a promising but under-utilized technology. from The Jargon File's listing for killer app

Distributed rendering and building is cool and all but not really a killer app. I'm thinking of something that can really only work when Rendezvous, or something similar exists. I would expect that it embodies some currently underutilized aspect of community and network effects.


The killer app I heard about (or at least I thought it was a killer app) was an unnamed 3d rendering program that was going to use rendezvous for distributed rendering. This was before xcode was announced anyway, and I thought that that was an awsome idea.

Has there been any discussion of the security implications of rendezvous? I'm assuming you can turn it off if you want (haven't seen the option though), because doing distributed rendering on someone else's machine could do a minor DOS could it not? Also basically you've got a UDP server running on your system, broadcasting lots of information about what it has available, etc, couldn't that be compromised easily enough? I haven't read up on this at all of course, just a couple of thoughts.

Visual Sutdio (6/.NET) has had code highlighting and auto-completion for ages. Even VIM has it :-)

I've got the 20+ CD version (legit) of Visual Studio .NET setting on my desk for the last couple of days, just haven't installed it yet.

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