The Matrix Revolution

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I saw it. Didn't want anything spoiled, and to not spoil it for you select if you want to read furtuer.

It sucked, dammit. I was really hoping that Reloaded would all of sudden stop sucking after Revolution but nah. Oh well maybe the dream trilogy was something that just shouldn't have happened. Flame on in the comments.

An abriged script for Revolutions. Sums up lots of the stupidity that was Revolutions. And is a much more intresting version :)

Also, there were two very cool trailers before Revolutions. The first was for Troy, the big budget Illiad. The second trailer was The Day After Tomorrow which looked like some post-apocalypse the would is flooded and frozen over.

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My brain hurts. I just watched Matrix Revolution from SilverStr's ramblings at the Sanctuary on November 6, 2003 3:10 AM

I need aspirin. Or a stiff drink. Just came back from seeing Matrix Revolutions with Arcterex and the gang, and I now have more questions then I did going into it from Matrix Reloaded. *sigh* I won't spoil it, as its an experience unto itself. (Althoug... Read More


I came out with as many questions as I came in with, like SS. As for the trailers, I was impressed. Troy looks a bit like they are trying to go for the huge scale that LOTR did, and could be nifty. Another one was a new trailer for the Last Samuri. This trailer actually made it look interesting, even though I'm still not sure of the whole "white guy in japan" thing. The alamo I'll leave for the rednecks to drool over, it didn't thrill me. Somehow billybob thorton didn't look like davey crocket. I realize they are challenging the modern day assumptions, but still...... :)

There are SPOILERS in this, so if you haven't seen the movie, don't read on. This movie definitely makes me to have further nagging questions, more than anything else:
-Why does Sati seem to play an important role in this movie? Also toward the end, Oracle asked Sati when the sun was rising, something like this," Did you do that, Sati?" This is in reference to the various colors in the sky, and she nodded. So she appears to have the ability to change the matrix.
-I suppose the directors would like for us to come up with our own scenario of what the end result of "peace" between man and machines are going to be like. A somewhat open ended finale that could be very frustrating for some
-It appears that Neo is actually "reinserted" into the Matrix again, to come with the next version of Matrix. I suspect Sati has an important role in this future Matrix, judging by the fact that Oracle seem to be protective of her.

All in all, I realize that they try to do a bit too much to put a close to this movie. I still like the Matrix movies, but this is definitely a movie that could extend beyond the trilogy.

Billybob makes a Great Davy!!!!!

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