Earth Pics

The geographer in my loves NASA's Visible Earth. Tons of satalite images of various intresting bits of the earth.


thanx for the free pics

Can you tell me if there is a company that will take satalite images for me of a particular region/area/building etc. for a price?

Please respond to


Hi Michael,

If you are doing a photo shoot for a book. I make what I call "Twenty-First Century Landscape paintings which can really trick the educated eye to believe they are seeing planetary surface. I have creates a painting method over the last 20 years which mimics the forces of the earth to create illusions technology has not caught up.

I have gallery exhibitions in and out of the U.S. and have done half hour talk shows and am finishing a book- "The Grey Matters Not"

If you think there is a reason for us to discuss ideas further, send me a welcomed e mail.
best regards,
Ken Cro-Ken

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