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Jeremy has a great question, Which Open Source Projects Would You Sponsor? for yourself and your company. At work if there was anything like a good CRM, think ACT on steroids, it would be a good donation investment. Personally getting more OpenSource with native OS support, like OpenOffice, AbiWord, GIMP, etc on OSX, outside of Xwindoes, would rock.


WOuldn't it be better to support projects like Wine, Cygwin, Xfree, etc? That way the propietary/commercial (but good) apps like Act, Goldmine, etc can run on non-win32 systems. Still have to pay for the application's license, but not the crazy licensing for Windows/Office/etc.

Only if the operating system is an option, which it is not at work. I have tried, it just ain't going to happen. The application, especially where we don't have a deployed solution, is the place to introduce more open systems.

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