SimCity 4

I have been a SimCity fan since the playing the first verison on a 286. Absolutely loved the game. Even went so far as to play hookie from life for week playing SimCity2k. Ever since the release of SimCity4 I have been waiting. Waiting for a demo just in case but finally I broke down and made the purchase. I have to give Maxix/EA a thumbs up on the out of the box. The tutorial was great, quick to the point and picked with a real game play at the end. The visuals were stunning. All in all it should have made for a great game. See the should? For some reason it was just absolutely no fun to play. Maybe the series has been played to death. Maybe they just didn't really add anything imediately new and captivating. Regardless 0 fun factor.

So while on almost every level I would give it a thumbs up it gets a "sucked" and deleted from the harddrive.

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