Bush's Miscalculations

I'm just pulling the same quote rc3.org, rc3.org | Lest we forget, pulled from Slate's Bush's Many Miscalculations.

Painful as it is to recall those planes smashing into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon two years ago this week, it's nearly as heartbreaking to think back on the moment of nascent harmony that ticked in the wake of the attac--until President Bush decided to reject the opportunity that History thrust before him.

Remember? The French newspaper Le Monde, never one for trans-Atlantic sentimentalism, proclaimed, "We are all Americans." The band outside Buckingham Palace played "The Star-Spangled Banner" during a changing of the guard, as thousands of Londoners tearfully waved American flags. Most significant, the European leaders of NATO, for the first time in the organization's history, invoked Article 5 of its charter, calling on its 19 member-nations to treat the attack on America as an attack on them all--a particularly moving gesture, as Article 5 had been intended to guarantee American retaliation against an attack on Europe.

But the Bush administration brushed aside these supportive gestures--and that may loom as the greatest tragedy of Sept. 11, apart from the tolls taken by the attack itself.

We in the US really need to remember the outpouring of sympathy and support form the rest of the world after 9/11. Now contrast it with the outpouring of mistrust and hatred directed at the US today.


There was a long thread on a webpage somewhere with posts of pictures from around the world, from Nepal to Norway, showing support. Page and pages of pictures. Incrediably moving, I was almost in tears a couple of times, which is quite odd. Now the US (administration anyway) is looked at as a schoolyard bully, decieving it's own people to achieve what it wants, regardless of what people or countries think, and then acts hurt and offended if people or countries don't agree, or brands them as unpatriotic or against america.

"It's a two way street"

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