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Firstly I know that what I'm looking for can be done DIY with pretty much any Linux distribution but the solution should be something that survives if I'm gone.

I'm looking for a Network Attached Storage(NAS) solution. It will need to support SMB, NFS, FTP and HTTP have a built in or easily attached tape backup, have at lease a web based administration and be a plug in and forgetabout it, except for changing daily tape backups. There should also be at lease 2 drives RAID'd for redundacy. Linksys has something close, the EtherFast� Network Attached Storage but no apparent tape backup option.

So anyone have some good suggestions?


good, fast (as in setup), cheap. pick two.

If you want good and cheap, get a linux box and DIY.

if you want fast and good, get an XServe or Compaq server... I haven't seen a Cobalt Cube that does what you ask. Apple is my bias, but Compaq does really good server hardware (both are expensive),9

if you want fast and cheap(er), then a Dell PowerVault series computer and attached RAID cabinets would do you. Buyer beware, though: I have had MANY problems with them.

If you can forgo 'cheap', give a serious look at a NetApp. Nice, fast, shiny -- certainly in the "fire & forget" category, too.

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