Netflix Mac Client

One more reason I want a Mac, Netflix Fanatic.


For a first release, etc. this is pretty cool. I kinda wanted it to act more Sherlock-like in behaviour. Indeed, this utility may actually be better as a Sherlock plugin.

But yeah, if nothing else it is very good at rearranging one's queue. I usually keep about 7 things in my queu anyhow, but I could see if someone were to keep lots, it would be really, really annoying to sort them.

Like I said, good stuff but it kinda breaks the paradigm... you have to go outside of the browser to manipulate information, but then go back in to rent and stuff....

For people like me, with over 350 items in my Netflix queue, having the resorting abilities would rock. Though I do agree that it would probably make more sense as a sherlock plugin, or maybe Watson.

Regardless one thing the lucky OS X users out there get than X86 folks miss out on.

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