Old School Consoles

Take 80's console games, insert into joystick, plug into TV, priceless nistalgia. TV Games, me gots to get.


I have the Activision and Atari 10-In-1's. They rock pretty hard, but I have to question some of the game choices. Example: the Atari one has Breakout and Circus Atari. As if you need two breakout-style games on a JOYSTICK controller! They should have held those out for a paddle version. AND is has PONG as well. At least it has Adventure.

The Activision has Pitfall, which is enough to make it worth the price. Some of the others I've never heard of. Wish they would've included Barnstorming or Keystone Cops instead of Crackpots.

Be warned though, they run on AA bateries rather than AC power. Understandable, but they can go through them pretty quickly.

From what I can tell, both the Activision and Atari units contain Atari 2600 games. But the Namco unit looks to have the exact arcade translations.

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