If I only had 2Million

Damm Cringely's Son of Napster sounds like a good idea to evolve the music industry. Wish I had the money to give it a try, hope someone else runs with it or something similar.


Damn, I was goin to mention this article to you. Yep, this sounds like a great plan. It is one of those interesting "what if" scenarios: If this happened, how long would it take for the music industry to die, and what shape into what shape wold it reform?

Sorry, it won't even come close to working. See http://fishbowl.pastiche.org/archives/001400.html for an excellent commentary on it.

Hmm.... Well, I don't entirely agree with the fact that the courts would immediately throw it out. The courts have been known to uphold stranger things. The key would be to buy the right politicians.

Let's face it, though: the only thing keeping the music industry from radical change right now is legal constructs, not the superiority of their business model. They have successfully gotten the government to go along with their version of IP, and then had it extend to the world.

The point of Cringely's excercise that is brilliant is not the plan in itself, it is the idea that we should start "hacking the law" and looking for ways around the RIAA/MPAA. And it also is bvilliant in suggesting that geeks (and everyone else) can defeat megacorporatism by... making a corporation!

In other words, the seed of the plan is more important than the plan itself.

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