I need a Ripper


I'm looking for a good audio cd ripper. Basicly as iTunes like like as posible but for Windows and Linux.

Also, the RIAA may decide to go after file sharing services like Gnutells, KaZaA, etc. but the libarary is still the best sharing service around. Took a gander of one of the smaller public libraries in Lexington yesterday and they had a more diverse selection of cd audio music than most tower records. Library Card to the rescue :)


Personally when I ripped my library I used abcde with the ogg tools. Basically abcde (a better cd encoder) is a shell script that handles opendb lookups, has options (set via /etc/abcde.conf or the like) for what command line to use, settings, etc. It'll eject after it's done, but won't auto-rip on insert (grip does this). If you don't like command line get grip, it's basically a gnome version of this, options for everything, rip to whatever format you want, and will do rip on insert and eject, and stores (like abcde) in whatever format you want, ie: $artist/$album/$tracknum-$song.ogg

I use Grip for ripping my cds to ogg format. Works great, and has plenty options to boot. Then add Digital DJ into the mix, and now you've got a searchable database of all your tunes to make playlists with.

I don't have a ripper suggestion but do have to say that if you are looking for good quality rips you should check Usenet. The alt.binaries.sounds.mp3 hierarchy contains a wide variety of groups and huge numbers of postings each day. Now they are in MP3 format but most are at least 160Kbps rips.

After using a few of the free rippers out there, NeoAudio for windows was the one I used to rip all of the oggs. It is only slightly annoying. Nowhere as slick as iTunes, but it gets the job done.

For windows check out Exact Audio Copy. EAC
Very good, very accurate.

I've been a big fan of CDex for a while now. Dirt simple to use and pretty effective.

CDex is what I have been using. It even has the eject when complete and looks up info with FreeDB. The rips sould pretty good and it does a pretty quick job.

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