Hunters have ADD

Could an ADD Hunter Have Survived?, A chapter from the second edition of Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception by Thom Hartmann

ADDers are damaged by growing up in our society, but not in hunting cultures

... individuals living among the historically agricultural Native Americans, such as the Hopi and other Pueblo Indians, are relatively sedate and risk-averse. On the other hand, Fikes said, members of the hunting tribes such as the Navajo are "constantly scanning their environment and are more immediately sensitive to nuances. They're also the ultimate risk takers. They and the Apaches were great raiders and warriors."


But we today are not a society of hunters, raiders, and warriors. We are farmers, office- and factory-workers. Therefore, we punish and discourage hunter and warrior behavior in our children and adults.

I find the idea that ADD traits are desirable to a hunter culture intresting. Now if one also takes the higher than usual ADD'r in geek culture maybe some intresting understandings arise.

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