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Darren has put out a challenge for daily photos. Don't think it will be a daily exercise but who knows.

Here goes a first Photo of the day, the stallion barn and incomming summer storm which took out the electric for 4+ hours.



Very nice!

BTW, another cool thing to see would be a few more pix of what life is like out there... I have no idea what the lay of the land/city/people/nature is out where you are. Maybe a little mini-photoessay on life in foz-land?

Ya mean like some of the stuff in my gallery which has the striking CWA AllTel worker down the road, or the tech writer's birthday or even the pics from the minor's ballpark or even the anti-bush car.

I get the request. it has been one of my goals since getting the digital camera but getting in the habbit of taking pics of everything is hard after all those years paying for photo development.

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