Star Wars Galaxies Review


God what a waste of $50. The most miserable computer game I have ever played. Take Ultima Online but put a Star Wars skin on everything. How lame. If one wants to play Ultima Online that it already exists. It was about as Star Wars like as say The Phantom Menace.


Star Wars Galaxies is the best thing to happen to Star Wars since the original trilogy. Star Wars Galaxies lets you choose from 8 races including Mon Calimari and Wookie. Each race has it's own advantages such as Mon Calimari make good artisians becuase their mind pool is increased. Want to play a Mon Cal but as a brawler, thats ok, you can use stat migration to alter your character's stats. There are 8 huge planets to explore and colonize. Architects can build houses and PA Halls. You can group with your friends to hunt a rancor or some rebels. You can gain Faction Points and join either side of the Galacitc Civil War. You can also join the Hutts. You can meet star characters like Darth Vadar or Jabba the Hutt but you can't kill them, like you'd stand a chance against the Dark Lord of the Sith anyway. SWG is a great MMORPG with great relience on other players. When you get attacked by a creature you can get hurt in threee ways. Damage which takes away from your HAM bars, wounds which deduct from your total possible Health/Action/Mind, and Battle Fatigue which makes it harder to heal and longer for you HAM bars to regnererate. In order to heal your wounds you need to see a medic or doctor and to heal your Battle Fatigue you need to see an entertainer. There are 5 original professions and then elite and hybrid professions like Bounty Hunter or Commando. You can be a Jedi but first you have to become Force Sensitive which is a closely gaurded secret. I'd give Star Wars Galaxies a 97%.

have you ever PLAYED ultima online? SWG is NOTHING like're probably too slow to figure out SWG, which is why you hate it so.

This is a much better multiplayer game:

I was quite dissapointed by SWG. After just under an eon of development, I was expecting something waaay better that the mediocre MMORPG it is.

This game is A JOKE.. not even enought time to write about all the problems.... they should be paying us to waste our time finding bugs

This game IS horrible.

I tested in BETA and continued in release.

Bad bugs, lame features, THE WORST PA SYSTEM!

Don't waste your money on this one.

The worst problem of all, is SOE. CSR is a joke, patched introduce more bugs than they fix. They ban people for speaking the truth about bugs.

I come from a background of 10 years in client-server programming begining with MUDS and now writing banking software. The devs need to learn how to unit test thier code.

it is horrible.

although i do like the player generating customisational detail.

I would have liked to figure it out....but there was so much lag! I would go into town and every step I would have to wait 5-10 seconds for the screen to catch up. If that was fixed, then I would give it more of a chance than I did. But it just started getting me mad at the game.

Its expensive its pretty, its unstable its extemely flawed.

Its like candy floss - Looks pretty and for a while it tastes great.

But soon becomes sickly and pointless whn you realise your playing a lot of money for spun sugar(graphics) and air (promises)

SWG seems to have been designed just to look pretty and little thought has been given to long term future of a player character.

Overall unless you want to feel cheated after 1 month playing dont buy it untill they at least fix bugs, stability issues, at least attempt to balance classes and all all the neat things they originally promised would be included at release (Player cities mounts vehicles etc)

score as stands 65% and that score is mainly based on the graphics and "potential"

Why does Sony have every game with so much bugs in it? They've rush-released every game they have made with the SOE logo on the box. If I see a game for the PC made by Sony I will definitly not buy it. Did I mention that Sony is the best at fixing bugs?

Rude devs/ horrible nerfs, even the class correspondents are quitting this game. 1/2 the classes are totally broken and useless.

I love SW but this game, and SOE is a disgrace to the SW univers. George Lucas would drop dead from playing this game.

The game has no content, and even though 1/2 the game is bugged, and 1/2 the classes are broken, all the devs do is nerf elite combat classes.
When I say no content that is a understatment.

When I started this game I thought it would be the best MMORPG ever, but after you get past the eye candy, it is the worst 70 bucks I have ever spent in my life.

You have to play for at least 8 months (230 bucks spent) to even hope that the jedi slot will open, and the Devs them selves have said they have given up on melee classes.

There are broken classes that you cannot even get expierance with, but the Devs say everything is peachy and working as intended.

The only reason this game has not totally flopped is that it has SW on the front of the box.

I akid this game and the developers to ENRON and MCI in terms of fraud and lying to make money.

In closing do not buy this game. You are better off flushing your money down the toilet.

They do not even answer bug reports or anything, you just get a message saying they have been deleted and not read.

Horrible horrible horrible. I will never buy another SOE video game again.

Dear sir or madam,

I wanted to write you all as a customer of SOE and Star Wars Galaxies. I just thought you should know about this game. I am a disabled veteran who has allot of spare time on his hands, and I have played almost everysingle MMORPG.

I picked up SWG on the release date and after the first day of a horrible launch, I thought I had a real gem on my hands. What I did not realize is that his would be the biggest rip-off in the history of gaming.

Let me tell you a little about SWG and how they treat there customers. First off I will give you a couple of quotes by just a few off the DEVS

"Some problems can be made to go away by ignoring them" -- Raph Koster

"We basically gave up on the melee class..." ------Raph Koster

"the commando class is working as intended"-------------------Q3PO (commandos could not even gain exp in their trees)

maybe that will give you a idea of the mentality of the people that run this game, and have developed it.

When SWG shipped there were several classes that were broken that you could not even advance in

1.) commando

2.) bio Engineer

3.)droid engineer, and so on and so on.

After a month of play of 5 to 10 hours a day of playing, I have some very good observations about this game.

1.) there is absolutely NO CONTENT. All you do is run back and forth from mission terminals and kill rabbits. This basically sums up the content of the game right here

2.) the DEVS of this game are the rudest developers that I have ever dealt with in 20 years of video game playing. If you posted constructive criticism of the game your post was locked or in my case you were banned from the forums for the above 2nd quote from Raph Koster that I posted that is from his very own website. If you call SWG there phone support is rude. If you talk to ingame DEV customer support you get the same kind of attitude. There are reports from gamers being told "tough shit" "fuck off"

3.) the nerfing in this game is the worst nerfing I have ever seen in a MMORPG. They took a few PvP issues and nerfed entire elite classes like the vaunted SW bounty hunter and Teras Kasi and made them worthless and broken with no regard to player versus enemy.

4.) I have never played a buggier game. The beta testers of this game begged them not to release this game as it was not ready yet, and yet they did to get their 15 bucks a month. I was actually told that if I wanted to help the game instead of asking for broken classes to be fixed I should go play on their test server. I would gladly have done that , but you still have to pay 15 bucks a month to beta test a game. This is SOE's job not mine.

This was the most horrible gaming experience that I have ever had in my life. I was sucked in by the whole Star Wars universe thing , just like 200,000 other people, only to play a bugged game with the most inept and rude game developers that I have ever met in my life.

I hope one day laws will be passed to regulate these gaming or any software company from releasing a known bugged to hell product just to sucker customers out of their money.

I was really hoping this game would last and be great. I did not want to see it fail.

This game is so bad , that developers had player correspondents for each profession to address issues and bugs with each class, and even the Player correspondents are canceling their accounts.

I write this to plead with you not to buy this horrible game, and to tell your customers not to be sucked in because Star Wars is on the box. Someone needs to start holding these gaming companies accountable for there actions. And that is why I write this.

Thank you,

Daniel Richards

banned from SWG forums for quoting a developer

"Some problems can be made to go away by ignoring them" -- Raph Koster

Das is ja'n dicker Hund! Und ich wollts mir fast kaufen. Navielen Dank noch fuer die rechtzeitige Warnung!

The game is bugged but it fun. Fun enough to get all the peple who posted on it to play it for a month. That has to be something.

I followed the game since early developement. Tested in early beta cycles. Even in Beta1 and 2 we were told that "Everything works as it should" when we pointed out major flaws, bugs, or things just not working.

first off lemme say, i agree with everyone on sony's lack of customer support. What u have to understand is your not buying a blender, your buying an mmorpg. in understanding that, you have to realize that when 20,000 people all play the same thing and to make every detail of it workable is impossible. everquest has been out for years and is still buggy. the only way to fix a game tried and true is to get it out there and let the people play through, expierience the problems and fix them where as. Also in understanding that you have to understand that 20,000 people have problems and your not the only person they have to please and your problem isnt the only to fix. I dont agree with charging 50 bucks for a game and the additional 15 a month your absolutely right its a rip off. They need to drop that montly fee atleast in half, especially when u figure u almost NEED cable to run a game of this caliber and thats going to run you 40 bucks a month also. As for the veteran who pleads with people not to buy this game and quotes the SAME guy over and over lol :) its not a complete reflection on the hundreds of people that are working on the game. Look at you, your an asshole should i give up on the human race? You talk about them sucker'ing in chumps to pay 50 bucks a head to join up, try waiting a week or two after the intial release date and read some reviews big guy you'll be a lot more staisfied with the money saved. another comment on sony's customer service, be aware of the fact we cant all be 45 years old, most of the people who play these games are 14-19 the rating on the box says teen right? and when you think about that understand that your going to have every 15 year old kid that doesnt know how to creative problem solve, tie'ing up the customer service lines trying to get them to accept mom and dad's over charged credit card. i don't blame them for bootin you off the comment site dude, you do post a lot of good facts but over all, all your doing is insulting things a.) theyre aware of and working on and b.) just meaningless bitching that the game isnt just right for you. Bottom line you dont like it play something else. I personally am a huge fan of SW and a huge fan of SWG it's about time they didnt just get creative with in game thinking but creative in game design. You need something to compare it to in order for you to complain and what does everyone compare mmorpg's to? Everquest a games thats been patched everyday for the past 5 years. Give SWG's 5 years and i think they'll take care of some of the shit you listed. Anyone who's read even a single review gets the point your trying to make yes SWG is buggy, yes they overcharge per month, and yes sony's customer service blows. if these things are enough to stop you from buying the game then don't but don't read reviews saying these things go buy it anyway and be pissed off. Use a little ingenuity and come to conclusion in your mind are these things worth the hours and hours and hours of fun you do have playing these games? If yes then play pay and shut up if no then read the reviews b4 hand and dont buy the fuckin thing in the first place. Props to everyone who created the game, keep doing your best to keep the bugs at bay, and thank you for the hours of enjoyment. If this isnt something you've already come to the conclusion of thousands of people keep playing and keep paying you must be doing something right :)Dmen dunno if thats your post or if you copied that from another site but whoever wrote that needs to sit down and think 3-dimensionally before they write a page and a half of slander for something they paid 50 bucks for, i go to red lobster and eat a shitty dinner and pay more than that, get over it, and learn from your mistake, stop buying mmorpg's and stop filling pages with your mindless, commonly stated, (shit everyone knows) bitching and find something other than computer games to spend your time on. How 'bout reading a book and finding a cure for being a dick

Boring boring boring...If you like to have a story in your game, then dont try Star Wars Galaxies, One of the worse games in history as far as I'm concerned.

Want to know what annoys me? That people can't see past the title and enjoy the game. Sure it's not very 'Star Warsy', but it's still a fun game. I didn't buy this game because of Star Wars, and the 'thrill' of being in the Star Wars universe. I could care less. I don't even like Star Wars to be honest. But I like this game. Why don't all you whiners who complain about a game that's not 'Star Warsy' enough grow up and stop being such friggin' NERDS!

I cannot believe I fell for this. I went post christmas shopping yesterday and decided to buy a new pc game to play since I got a new flat panel monitor for xmas. I saw Star Wars Galaxies and was so excited. A new Star Wars game - and hey, it was 50 bucks, but it was a big box and probably had a couple of cd's worth of gameplay on it. Well, I got home, punched that sucker in the cd driver and and installed away. Once installed, I clicked on the desktop icon and it starts connecting to my internet connection and prompting me to create a username and register. I thought "Oh, this is clever, they won't let you play the game until you register." So, I go through the next couple of screens because I'm too excited to see the game to care and low and behold comes up a screen asking me for a credit card and telling me there is a fee to play. Suddenly it became clear - I had no idea this was even an online game for crying out loud. I read the box in the store. I didn't see anything about it being an ONLY online game, let alone that it would cost me 15 more bucks a month to play even if I still wanted it. I was mortified and felt totally fooled. I grabbed the box and after examining the box did find the statement of it being an online game, but it was in print a fraction of everything else and in my opinion, not clearly labeled AT ALL. I couldn't read it without my glasses. So, now I have an open box that I can't return and there goes my christmas money. I had not heard anything about this game prior to seeing it in the store. I was just looking for a game to play on my new computer. I had no prior knowledge of what it was about. I am wondering how many more out there are like me and were suckered out of their money.

I was at AC2 and I ask several people about SWG and they tell me, (IT SUCKS) I get the same answer after weeks of asking on PlanetSide and Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Academy. On the review sites Gamespy, Gamespot, and others *including thisone obviusly* they say it sucks badly and is a ripoff also.

Well, everyone can't be wrong and I'm defenetly not gonna buy this game and be ripped like the rest. At least I can prevent that, thanks guys.

Shame such a nice world got screw by some moneyhungry company who can't even take care of their own bugs.

you guys a fools. I think this is the best game ever. The reason for the log is your computers suck just like all of u do. Also if the games is so bad why do so many play???

I personally heard good things about SWG from friends who had beta tested the game. I researched the game through various web sites, and besides bugs, which are common to almost all soft ware released, nothing was verifiable. I bought the game and tried to install it on my laptop. Unfortunately my computer did not meet the specs required or even recommended for the game, so I put it on my desktop instead, which was barely good enough. After downloading huge patches, I finially got into the game. Unfortunately I live in the middle of no-where, and have a poor dial up connection. The best I have ever connected at is 28.8! I anticipated a lot of lag form this game, especially considering that my video card was barely good enough to handle the graphics. When I logged in and began playing I was amazed! I had good steady movement, and hardly any lag. I play on one of the more populated servers, and have experienced no problems. I find the graphics to be amazing, and the detail put into the characters movements flabbergasting! I was a little disapointed that you can only have one character per server, but quickly got over that and became very addicted. The variations in the crafting type abilities is amazing, you can customize the templates! Skill came easily to me. Naturally when I started, my character sucked at everything, but within a week, playing no more then 3 hours per day, I was becomming successful. The problems with this game is that the economy was created to not become outrageous like UO or EQ. Players must interact with other players. And I like that all players are guarenteed lots because the amount of players allowed on servers is limited, so no overcrowding.

I played UO for many years, and enjoyed the game, but eventually stopped playing because I was sick of the greif play and the whiners. SWG doesn't seem to have that problem. Gaining skill and money is hard enough and tedious enough that those looking for the quick fix and cheese ball loot get frustrated and leave. I am happily playing a crafting character and working towards combat. Every one I have met in the game has been friendly and helpful.

I love this game, and have gotten so addicted, well, the new and improved computer is on the way....I wonder if it can get any better!

Ummm , i would just like to ask everyone is it worth it to buy the game and register or is it just a lost case?Please every one give me your opinion , and a grade at the end . And what better MMORPGs are there to buy , becouse i am pretty much a newbie at this so please consult me .u can send an e mail .

I could not believe it when I found out that it is going to cost 39 pounds (from the UK!) to buy this game and then $140 for 12 months play. It seems to be all about using the Star Wars name to fool people into paying loads of money for a game that is crap. Why don't we start a petition to Sony/Lucasarts about this.

Seriously, anyone who has any idea how to do this please post.

Thanks for convincing me not to buy this poor excuse for a game!

P.S I have bought pretty much every other star wars game and they have all been really pretty good, I don't hate star wars games but Galaxies is a disgrace (No one can reply and tell me that the amount of money that is paid for subscription can possible be justified by Sony)


I think in about a year or so the game will get better but for right now it sucks my hairy bean bag. Give it time everyone. Roam wasn' built in one day. BTW, WORSHIP MY FEET

It sucks. Absoluteltly horribble. I have stopped playing this game (thank God) and it is a disgrace to Star Wars. It is so freakin boring. All you od is do mission after mission after mission after mission after mission after mission after mission after mission after mission after mission. And its just like that. Trying to get your skills up which are at AMAZINGLLY HIGH POINTS. Like you need 65000 skill points for one freakin skill. Then you go on to the next. Seriously I feel sorry for the people who are wasting their lives away playing this boring as hell game. Its buggy and incomplete, and the devs could care less. For heavens sake, dont get this game. Its boring with a big B on it. Can anyone say "GRIND?"

ben hayat�mda daha boktan bir oyun g�rmedim
Star Wars Galaxies
siktirik boktan oyun
fuck that walking fuck this game

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