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Question for the peeps. Given given a small buisness with 20 employees looking to replace 5-10 desktops a year plus a server or two which OEM would be suggested given price, warrenty and support? Remember the desktops would all be relatevely lowend and preferable come with XP and Office.

My other idea is to build everything myself and try to get a reseller deal given the kiosks we will also be distrubting but I need some price comparrisons.

And if you fondered about the kiosk comment, one of the big work projects is putting information kiosks in all the horse feed dealships in the world.

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I would say get one of the Wal-mart computers, and then either stick windows on it or run with linux but with a terminal session to a bigger server. This can be done relatively easily, and with only 20 people on the network should be relatively fast. You WILL need to upgrade from hubs to switches, however.

The great thing about this solution is that it is SUPER cheap and you can easily replace parts. Also, if your kiosk can run on WINE, then you don't even have to pay for a windows license, making your boss even more happy :-)

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