X-Men 2

Just got back from my first viewing of X-Men 2. On a scale of 1 to 10 it totally kicked ass! I am shocked that there is not really anything to bitch about, other than there is not a sequel comming out in November. That is all for now, don't want to ruin it for anyone else who has not had the pleasure.


Yup, i was very impressed... it was nice to have the introductary nicities out of the way and just get down to the ass kicking (go wolverine!)

Let me chime in with a "me too"!

The one problem I have with the series is that the powers of the various X-Men are way under what they are in the comic.

For example, when cyclops hits Lady Deathstrike with his eye-beams, there should have been smoking boots.... Cyclops' beams are pretty nasty. Sure, *HE* is a putz, but his eye-beam powers are not. (RATIONALIZATION: He didn't use the full force of them... however, once he saw her twitch, he shoulda just kept going until she was toast).

Second example: Wolverine. I am tired of seeing people beat up on Wolverine so easily. In the comics, Wolvie has pretty lame powers ("ohhhh... you can get the crap kicked out of you and still live. nice power, dude!"), but he has learned how to use that power to his advantage, 'cause normal superheroes don't learn to FIGHT, at which he excels. In a straight-up fight, Wolverine should be able to outmatch any of the mutants we have seen. Given, most of the people have powers that would make Wolverine useless (like, oh, Magneto being able to play with him like a little toy), but the Mystique and Lady Deathstrike fights should have taken about 3 seconds each.

That is the one thing that I can possibly think of to bitch about, and even that is minor. I mean, they are taking a few liberties with the comic so that the FEELING, TONE, and MESSAGE of the comics come through.

I say Bravo!!

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