Things Before Marriage

From the prespective of a single guy the Fifteen Fights to Have Before You Get Engaged looks to be a good list of things to cover before takign the marriage vows. Now wonder what the married and planning to be married folks think?


OK responses as a married man:

#1 is way too broad to be even remotely practical. Live with ANY human being for more than 2 days, and something they do is going to piss you off. Accept it and move on.

#2-4 are about kids. If, how many, when...etc. Important stuff, and I agree. But these answers do change for a lot of people. Incidentally, when I read #4, I read it as "I�m almost thirsty. Can I use your sperm, or what?" Can you tell my wife has been out of town for over a week?

#5-8 are about religion. Even though I live in a very open, accepting household, this is important stuff to most people. And if it's not important to you and your SO, it WILL be important to the grandparents of your children. So address it. But I'm still wondering why there are more religious questions than questions about kids.

#9-10 are about sex. This was obviously written in Tennessee, as the writer is more concerned about religion than sex.

#11-12 are completely stupid. We ALL know we grow old and gain weight. No need to begin the marriage by askin how fat and ugly your SO is planning to get.

#13-15 are about money. Also important, as most marriages fail over financial strains.

So to be honest, although the purpose of this is to get potential life-mates talking BEFORE they say "I do," I have to question the motives of the writer. They seem to be overly concerned with God and money to me. You sure this wasn't written by a televangelist?

HA^8. Mith's comments are better than the article :-)

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