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In case you were unaware I am an info junkie. Normally I run blagg emailing me items from tons of feeds all to furfil my info junkie need. Since the war begin my need has taken me to TV, even with my non cable status, to furfil my need to know. My info junkie need is based in a desire for understanding.

First off not a President Bush fan here. I used to joke that I "fled" to Canada in protest ot Georgr Bush winning the election. At various times in my life I have been both prowd and disgusted by my country and the actions the government and citizens.

Now you know part of where I am comming from.

Just yesterday one of the bits on ABC, I think, was interviewing an engineer who studied in New England for 4 years and was fron and currently lived in Saudi Arabia if membor serves me correctly. He had an english speakin wife and 2 kids, his daughter liked playing games on the computer and chatting online.

Now enter the confusion.

The above mentioned engineer expressed a desire to become a mytar in fighting the United States.


He has definately recieved a benefit from the country he was educated and lived in, yet wishes to help in destorying the benefits.

What wrong?

Somewhere along the way we, the United States, went from an idea that was idolized a place for higher learning desired by many of the world, to a place deserving anomosity and a place many desire to bring destruction and ruin apon.

It has to be something more than the actions of President Bush and his adminstration, remember the WTO riots in Seattle and Italy?

So what went so wrong? Why are many on the world siding along with Sadam Husean against George Bush?

Maybe I am niave but please I wish understanding.

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Yes, it seems a bit strange that from sept 12/2001 and on, for a fair while, the world was full of supporters of the US. I remember almost crying going through a thread on some image of the day site (might have been cellar.org/i) which showed people all over the world supporting the us in mourning.

Somehow in the last few months that's changed. IMHO I think it's because GWB is showing himself to be the bully that the US can be (being the only superpower). Now don't get me wrong, saddam is a bad bad man and should go ASAP. But for GWB to basically give a big FU to the UN, say in what I think is a "typical US attitude" (if only in a complete overgeneralization of the stereotype of the US) what boils down to "you guys are a bunch of wimps, we're going in to sort this mess up and clean things up by ourselves, cause we're the only ones who can do it/have the balls to do it".

Part of the problem is that there are two camps, pro, and anti. Neither side knows the full story (I'm assuming there is info that the US has about the WMD that hasn't been given out, or I hope there is, for the sake of W), neither side is willing to give concessions, and both sides are full of "facts" and "statistics" spouted from either gossip or such reliable sources as CNN.

The closest concessions have been the people saying "I don't support the war, but I will support our troops", which is still a line of BS to me.

Anyway, with GWB acting like a big bully the people of the world, and particularily the middle east, seem to be still rallying against the US with their demonstrations, not supporting saddam, but supporting the people of Iraq (and anyone saying that the bombing is so precise that no civilians are going to be hurt/displaced is fooling themselves IMHO.

I think the main thing comes down to the fact that people are simply not educated with all the facts, and each side (pro and anti) go off and masturbate each other with additional "facts" they hear... "whereever", and simply increase their resolve for their side of the argument.

Alan's got it right. People are not siding with Iraq so much as they're opposing the brutal, bullying nature of the US government. They feel that the US doesn't care about world opinion on either a public or government level - and as a result, they become something not to side with and support, but rather to fear, in the 'are we next' way of things.

As far as the weapons of mass destruction... it was said best on the CBC: If Iraq had them, don't you think right about now would be just the time they'd be using them?

I don't support our troops, I support humanity. And in that spirit (and the spirit of Mark Twain's THE WAR PRAYER), I issue the following hope:

I hope that every bullet fired at another person misses its target.

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