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Sun is plannon on enhancing Java to bring more Visual Basic-like features on board. Good show, most definately needed. Hope they introduce some relatively cheap brain dead easy GUI designer, unless there is one out there I have just missed.


I've been using JBuilder, from Borland. Actually does a pretty good job of not only laying out GUIs, but letting you switch back and forth between the actual Java/AWT/Swing code, the GUI layout tool, the docs, and the UML. I'm using the eval version under VMWare for a school project, and it performs decently. Just make sure JBuilder doesn't swap. No idea what pricing is like.

Oh, and Borland has Java equivalents of many of the Delphi components... so the networking components, data bound controls, and so forth.

Also check out JCom, the Java-COM bridge... so that you can call COM/VB objects from Java.

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