One can tell when they have entered the world of Windows Wennies when their first email virus ever has been detected.


Yup, first thing I did when I started using email on my windows box was install AVG. Scary. Get a few files that are virii using Kazaalite as well.

*sigh* Gotta love the windows world.

My other thing on entering the windows world again was thinking "how the hell do people put up with this shit", and went as far as to write a rant on it. Popup, pop unders, virii, etc, and people just accept it!

All that crap has become part of "expected behavior" in the Windows world. Hell they would probably think something was wrong if they didn't see it.

I use win2k for the following reasons:

1) I happen to have x86 hardware so I can't have MacOSX

2) I happen to need four applications that have near-but-not-good-enough equivalents in Linux:
---- A special VPN client

---- Outlook

---- MS Office

---- photoshop/InDesign

3) Linux's GUI and design is still no better than Windows, so while one frustration would be gone, the others woudl remain (and WINE would be annoying, too).

For most people, it is probably that they don't know any better and don't want to invest in Macs (in other words, no real alternative) so they just put up with it.

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