Even More Digital Death


or how Macaronie's learned to hate Craig and Brian.

As I last left you from the Boone County Public Library there was no power to my apartment, no power to either work offices and I was staying at the parents in Florence.

Thursday morning I called into the office, expecting to get voice mail that we were still closed due to power outage, but actually get a voice. Turns out that power was restored to the main office, house in the middle of no where Woodford County, so I rush back to Versailles for a day of meetings and fixing all the boxes and net connections fried with all the power problems.

After a busy day I was hoping for a little power at my apartment. The hope grew the closer I got to home, more and more of the places had power. Even more luck lights on at the apartment buildings!!! But wait, no lights on at my building? Seems that someone in their infinate wisdom thought that each building in the apartment complex should be on a different power zone. So no power for me, apartment temp 35 with outside temp 40.

As luck would have it Craig also still without power. We decided to comeserate over a dinner and warmth of Macaronie's and stayed til almost midnight. Sorry to the lone manager who kept the place open for us but dammit it was cold at the apartment.

Today things were a little worse at work. Seems that the T1 hooked up just before the ice storm was dieing a slow death and AllTell has declared an "Emergency Status" so all that extra money we pay to be up in an hour does us no good and it will be another week before they will get to us.

So that is all for now, hopefully there is power in the apartment else it is back to the parents til monday.


Dude, I feel for you. Head over back here for a bit, we haven't even had winter yet!

I feel your pain... it's been below -20 here for the last week and we've got a foot and a half of snow sitting around on the ground...

It's basically t-shirt weather over here... we're resorting to heading to the hills for any sort of snow.

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