Well you have probably noticed that the posting have been sparce recently. Starting Monday January 6th I started the new job, which is kinda my old job from 5 years ago, moved back to Lexington. The changes have made for lots of business at work trying to get settled in and get a handle on exactly what they are paying me to do. In my freetime I have been settling into a new apartment and not yet having phone service, now fixed, and not yet DSL, still working on that one.

So in the mean time don't expect many posts and when they pick up again don't be surprised in a slight change in focus. The new job is as a Windows Wennie :)


nono..its dsl..thennn the phone..

don't let them bug you :-)

You do know where the linux advocacy howto is right? :)


hehehe...a Windoze weenie eh ??!! Now *that's* funnee !!! ;-)

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