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Intresting idea for a Possible Implementation of Tabs in Safari. Not sure if it is exactly what I would want but my love for tabs in a web browser is just from it being the better than all the other ways I have tried to manage 10+ pages at a time.


Having used Safari with the "snapback" feature, I would say that Apple should do something like the article suggests. What I want is not just to have the open windows, I want the open windows to be categorized (say, by parent window), and further I want the option to automatically check for new content, load it, and tell me if the content is new.

This could all be done in a sidebar, as the article suggests. In ASCII (taken from today's headlines, where V and > are supposed to be triangles for a hierarchical menu):


   V Can XM Put Radio Back...


   > Tiny Technology, Big Ideas


   > D'Arcy Norman's Web Log




So basically, if you did the tabs as a hierarchical list, you could then organize them as you wanted (and then even meta-organize them by time opened, new content, or whatever).

Add the "snapback" feature to these menus, and you have a HUGE winner.

So yeah, tabs are a good idea, but they can be improved upon. As I have said in the past, a tabbed interface pretty much SUCKS except when dealing with a definite, finite amount of information, like a "mode" toggle.

I just noticed I did a user-interface faux-pax. The actual web pages that have no pages underneath them should have an icon instead of a triangle next to them, suggesting that they are not something that you can "turn" to get more information. So, for example, should have looked like:


with the "O" signifying the little world icon or something that is already in Safari.

Also, it would be SUPER cool if Apple put in a bookmark routine so that you could put your bookmarks in .Mac and have them anywhere you go (your LAST .mac login would be where the source of the bookmarks are or something, dunno).

I don't know how many times I have had a huge bookmark list and lost it because I have moved machines. Or gone to another machine and not been able to access them, or whatever. Theoretically netscape could do this already, but it was never EASY. If APple made this EASY, then I would maybe even get .mac (there is precious little other incentive for me right now).

Other than that, Safari really is a great browser to use. When I am on the Mac now, I use it, Mozilla, and IE in a 45/45/10 split.

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