Job Duties and Cub Scouts

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Last time I worked for the horse place one of the more unique duties I had was fixing the Equine treadmill. It really didn't make sense other than it had some electornics so I got the job.

This time around the most bizzare, so far, thing I have done was as advisor for the owner's son's pine box derby entry. In case you don't know a winter tradition for Cub Scouts in the US. Take a block of wood and make a car for racing. Definately something I didn't expect to do when starting but par for the course.

Which brings me to another thought, Cub and Boy Scouts was some of the best memories durring that time.

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Canada does it as well. I remember creating a bright yellow wedge shaped racer at one point. Good stuff, thanks for bringing that back up to the top of the stack. Glad to hear that work is "interesting" :)

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