Why Government Sucks

Just a glimpse why government sucks from the soon to be former CIO of Utah.
Here's the deal: to achieve results, you've got to do something. If you do something, you'll make mistakes. Mistakes are, by definition, a process violation. So the only way to reverence process at all costs is to do nothing or, at the very least, proceed with the utmost caution. You've probably wondered why government service is so slow. This is the reason why: people are being very careful. They have to be, because any misstep can be deadly.
Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog
Similarly I have heard the same thing from those in large corporations, becoming if not already governments unto themselves.


You should try to hear both sides of a story. Dr. Windley was not the white night that rode in to save the State. He is more of the bull in the china shop. The first thing he did was come in and insult all of the IT people in the state and then demand that they do what he wants, not what they thought was best for the State. Along the way he also broke a few laws that could land him in jail. Dr. Windley didn�t leave because he was tired of the job, he was told to leave because he is under investigation for wrong doings and it was the politically correct thing for the Governor.

From Deseret News:

�But critics say Windley walked through the doors of the state Capitol and simply began charging, not leading. After 19 months as the state's top technology guru, Windley has been accused of:

� Manipulating hiring practices to bring on former corporate colleagues at higher salaries than other state employees.

� Violating state contracting procedures to give contracts to former corporate colleagues.

� Actively pushing the early retirement of the information technology director after it was apparent the two were philosophically opposed.

� Alienating many of the information technology employees with his my-way-or-no-way style of management.

� Changing the job titles and responsibilities of state department information technology managers to consolidate his own power. �

Another quote:

�Friendship costs the state $815,510 annually plus benefits�

Here�s an idea, go to the local Salt Lake City papers and search for Windley.
Here�s a few links to check out.




You can check http://www.sltrib.com if you want to sigh up.

The Fed Govt suck too.

working for Fed Govt suck too.

Are you tired of your government screwing you?
Visit WWW.CCRG.US to begin exercising your rights (through peaceful political means).
For more information, send e-mail to nova_ccrg@yahoo.com.

This message brought to you by the Citizens Committee for Restructured Government.

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