Why Bush has a Hardon for Iraq

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2003: Oil and War, makes alot of sense. Also makes Gore's enviromental and alternative energy stance even more in the right. And now we know why the auto industry is doing the hybrid car models, they know that even in the short term oil in the US is in trouble.

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One interesting note concerning a little dig that Microsoft got in on W. I've been playing the hell out of a M$ game called Zoo Tycoon for a long time. Several of the easter eggs hidden in the game are keyed by renaming guests or zoo workers. For example, if you rename one of your maintenance guys "Bob V" all of your broken fences are immeidately repaired at no cost.

Apparently, if you rename one of your guys "George W" all of the trees and foliage in your zoo disappears, and for it you recieve a paltry amount of cache (read, about enough to buy about two trees). What commentary is M$ trying to make???

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