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One of my parent's next door neighbors, John, is in need of an organ transplant. His liver stopped working last week. Now things get a little worse see, in Ohio in order to get on a liver organ transplant list one has to have been in Alcoholic Anonymous for at least 2 years on top of the fiscally able to pay for the procedure and anti rejection medication for the rest of his life and proving that his imedate and extended family will provide enough support for long term survival. Now in John's case they think the liver problem was not caused by alcohol but is heredity, which also means that family partial donors are probably a no go, regardless the 2 years of AA is required. Given it all John's options don't look good so the family has asked me to look around for more options and I you. I have been doing some net searching but if anyone has or finds more info please comment, mail me or say a prayer.

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well my grannie needs a heart would you be so kind and donate it for her kuss if you dont she is going to die if you donate it yust contact me at my cell which is:245-8762 sooo remember to keep her in your prayers plz.

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