Wikis need a Blog

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Bliki, Wiki, Chiki, Reeky? A good point about how a Weblog like interface to a Wiki does a good job of inviting, though the bigger point is the culrural issue. Wikis, especially the big successful ones, are really about the community where Weblogs are usually about an individual. Regardless a Blog interface couldn't hurt.

Now this tthinking raises a thought, what if Slashdot was more Wiki like with it's comments?

Update: There already is a Wiki Slash Plugin, SlashWiki, Slash's Wiki Plugin the article. It would probably end up as a "First Post" with lots of intresting stuff in the changes.

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Well, isn't taken we could try it out and see:

Then just do an early post on each Slashdot article pointing to the wiki. Not that i read Slashdot that much anymore.

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