Dell Will Sell Macs


A little prediction. In the 1 - 2 year time frame Dell will start selling OS X, probably of the X86 variety.

Now for the the big answer, why?

Well the most recent trigger for the prediction was Dell selling iPods. If this venture is successful, and it should be the iPod is the best of bread MP3 players out there, it will provide encouragement for Apple and Dell to continue and expand their partership. Dell is also good for Apple in the volume and buisness world exposure sense.

Dell and Apple have very similar problems. Apple really needs to be able to expand into the Windows world. The tea leaves say switchers are more likely to be from the Unix/Linux crowd than the Windows crowd which makes sense until Apple is able to distribut via a Windows channel like Dell. From Dell's angle Microsoft is getting to be a big PITA, both in price and in strong armatude. Dell really needs some alternatives like their FreeDOS adventures. Apple could definately kill Microsoft on the OS liscense margins.

The big killers in the prediction is if Apple just refuses to have a second architecture due complexities of managing or fear of killing the main buisness, selling boxes. Microsoft could also kill the prediction by going vicious with liscensing, which will probably happen given the useless punishment from the anti-trust trial.

Regardless my prediction still stands. In a 1 - 2 year time frame, probably in 2004, Dell will start selling boxes with OS X on X86 hardware.


Interesting idea. I think this is not as silly as people think. If Apple and Dell were to partner, Apple could still make kick-ass designed boxen that were distributed via Dell.

Unlike most Mac heads, I don't think a switch to x86 would be bad for Apple... if and only if Apple were to get its ass in gear and find a way to either be a hardware company OR a software company... personally I think they should go software: while their industrial designs are the best in teh business, I think their software is what gave Mac its "face"

So here is the ultimate:

Apple gets x86 legacy-free boards from Asus
Build specially-designed Mac boxen with Dell
Dell distributes
Apple writes software.

* Hardware is still controlled, but add-ins are easier.

* Apple keeps current with CPUs and motherboards (their big El Guapo).

* Software is portable.


We can only hope. We can only hope. Marklar, where fore art thou Marklar.

You guys have good points. What I can't figure out is WHY Apple can't build specific hardware for x86, kinda down the same vein as engel said.

They could even make "secondary" revenues if they so cared to by making any hardware going into the x86 version of the Mac to require "Mac Certification". I would bet most vendors would write drivers that support it. Heck... they could even make the software PREVENT loading of drivers NOT certified to keep stability in check (which is one of Steve Job's "beefs" with x86.. instability of other peoples drivers/hardware they don't control).

I will happily call Dell in 2004 if your prediction is right. I want OS X.2. I just don't wanna blow so much coin for the hardware that Apple has now.

Come to me Marklar. Come to me.

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