Yahoo chooses PHP

Making the Case for PHP at Yahoo!, slides from PHPCon 2002. Not a bad case made for using PHP. I would still have looked at EmbPerl, the ease of PHP but with all the Perl goodies thrown in. Plus Model View Control can be used, unlike with PHP. One area that PHP probably does win out over EmbPerl is the preformance, but I would expect with some of the pounding Yahoo could give it they would be ironed out pretty quickly.


They make an AWFUL case for using PHP over a Perl solution. No benchmarks, etc. Coding styles is a stupid excuse: I've seen nice clean php code where everything is seperated to different files and functions, and I've seen awful php code, where everything is mixed into one big .php with big if/else blocks.

Embperl would perform fine; the trick is to configure mod_perl correctly, as per the mod_perl guide. By setting up "heavy" mod_perl/Embperl servers and "light" front end servers for images and caching, they could get the performance they need.

They didn't even mention Python.

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